Pantheon Of Pain Playing with pain is a badge of honor for hockey players. Here, with their tales of trauma, are the electees to our Hall of Lame, featuring today's master of misery, Doug Gilmour

October 11, 1998

Bruins defenseman Eddie Shore trudges through a snowstorm and
reaches a doctor's home while carrying his ear, which was sliced
off in a scrimmage. "Gimme a mirror," Shore says. "I want to
make sure you sew it on right."

Three hours after police stop a bloody on-ice battle in Toronto
between the Montreal Maroons' Lionel Conacher and his brother
Charlie, of the Leafs, the two return to their parents' nearby
home to share cold cuts, ice packs and cold cuts doubling as ice

March 28, 1950
Family members and a priest are brought to the hospital after
the Red Wings' Gordie Howe suffers a skull fracture when he is
checked into the sideboards against the Leafs. He returns the
next season to win scoring title and retires 30 years later.

March 28, 1957
Red Wings goalie Glenn Hall, who played in 552 straight games,
is knocked out by a slap shot in the first period of a semifinal
game against the Bruins. He's taken to a hospital, where he gets
23 stitches in the mouth, and returns to play the third period.

April 18, 1952
The Canadiens' Maurice Richard is knocked unconscious by a
cross-check in Game 7 of the semifinals against the Bruins, but
he returns from the hospital to score the winning goal, which he
still doesn't remember.

Feb. 12, 1961
Red Wing Howie Young runs Leafs goalie Johnny Bower, who loses a
tooth and suffers hemorrhaging in his left leg. Leaning on the
crossbar to stay upright, Bower plays the final 12 minutes in a
3-1 win.

1963-64 season
The Bruins' Ed Johnston, the last goalie to play every game in
one season, breaks his nose three times in a 10-day span.
Doctors at a Boston hospital put leeches on his eyelids to
reduce the blood buildup.

April 23, 1964
Leafs defenseman Bobby Baun is carried off on a stretcher after
a slap shot shatters his right tibia in Game 6 of the 1964
finals against the Red Wings. He returns to score the game
winner in overtime and also plays in a Game 7 victory. Baun
celebrates Cup win during a postgame ambulance ride.

Nov. 9, 1969
Flyers defenseman Ed Van Impe loses eight teeth after blocking a
shot in the second period against the Oakland Seals. Trainers
sew his split tongue together so that he can return for the
third period.

1973-74 season
Islanders defenseman Denis Potvin suffers a fractured instep
early in the season. Doctors apply a quick-drying, form-fitting
cast before each game, and he plays wearing an extra-large
skate. Potvin can't walk properly, but he skates well enough to
win the Calder Trophy.

Jan. 5, 1985
Rangers defenseman Tom Laidlaw ignores pregame stomach pains and
plays an afternoon match in Boston. Doctors locate the problem
later that night and remove his spleen.

Dec. 26, 1987
Asked why he returned one period after breaking his nose against
the Red Wings, Pittsburgh defenseman Rod Buskas answers, "I
don't skate with my nose."

April 26, 1989
Blackhawks center Jeremy Roenick spits out five teeth when
slashed by the Blues' Glen Featherstone in the playoffs. Roenick
scores the game-winning goal on the ensuing power play.

April 18, 1991
Right wing Tomas Sandstrom of the Kings fractures the bone below
his right knee in a playoff game against the Oilers. After
scoring a goal two games later, he insists, "It was only a
little bone."

1992-93 season
Mario Lemieux's chronic back pain can't keep him from winning
the scoring title or the league MVP award. However, it prevents
him from tying and untying his skates, a task often performed by
his teammates.

April 14, 1994
Brendan Shanahan of the Blues is cut by a high stick from the
Jets' Keith Tkachuk in the first period. After taking 40
stitches to close the cut, Shanahan returns to score twice in
St. Louis's 3-1 win and beats up Tkachuk in the third period.

Oct. 22, 1997
Sitting rinkside at Madison Square Garden, Janet Gretzky gets
knocked out by falling Plexiglas and is carried out of the arena
on a stretcher. Husband Wayne plays the last six minutes of the
game for the Rangers and says, "She feels more embarrassed than
anything else right now."

May 10, 1998
Chris Pronger of the Blues collapses with cardiac arrhythmia
after a shot hits him in the chest. As doctors prepare to begin
on-ice CPR, Pronger's heart starts beating again. Two nights
later he plays a game-high 35 minutes.

COLOR PHOTO [Doug Gilmour playing hockey] B/W PHOTO: AP [Gordie Howe with bandaged eye and head in hospital bed] TWO COLOR PHOTOS: PAUL BERESWILL [Jeremy Roenick with hand over mouth; trainer tying skates of Mario Lemieux] COLOR ILLUSTRATION: PHOTO ILLUSTRATION BY AARON GOODMAN [Montage of Doug Gilmour's eye and helmet superimposed on simulated X-ray of skeleton] B/W PHOTO: LEE BALTERMAN [Bobby Baun playing hockey]
COLOR PHOTO: DAVID E. KLUTHO [Paramedics hauling Chris Pronger on stretcher]

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