Nov. 09, 1998
Nov. 09, 1998

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Nov. 9, 1998

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    Compiled by Cameron Morfit and Jeff Pearlman

    While you were transfixed by the NFL, NHL, PGA, and NASCAR, you probably missed some of the weird and wondrous things that go on each week in the world of sports. Here are a few items from wire services and local papers that might have slipped under your radar.


By USC Quarterback Carson Palmer

Southern Cal freshman quarterback Carson Palmer has had
difficulty reading play signals from the sideline--so much so
that for Palmer's first start, last Saturday, coach Paul Hackett
had the Trojans' most complex plays printed on Palmer's
wristband. Palmer completed 18 of 31 passes for 279 yards and a
touchdown in USC's 33-10 rout of Washington, but before a
57-yard TD pass to Billy Miller in the first quarter, Palmer
again misread the sideline signal. He recounts the fortunate

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I was just starting to get into the flow of the game and was
feeling good about getting the signals right. We run the West
Coast offense, which is complex, and we have signals for
everything. I looked at quarterbacks coach Ken O'Brien and
thought I saw the signal for Billy to run a deep post. I guess I
turned around too soon, because he was supposed to run a deep
out. I missed the last part of the signal.

I thought Ken had signaled for a play called Cowboy: If the
safety stayed back, I was supposed to look off Billy and and hit
another guy over the middle, but if the safety bit and came in,
I would go to Billy on the post route. The safety came in, and
Billy was wide-open, so I got it to him, and he went in for the
touchdown. When I got to the sideline, Coach O'Brien said, "Nice
call." I didn't know what he was talking about until he told me
I had gotten the play wrong.

We only used the wristband four or five times in the game.
There's a ton of stuff you have to know in Coach Hackett's
offense, and it's taken awhile for me to get used to it. Now I
think I'm getting the hang of it.