My Shot Forget Webb and Sorenstam, I'm the biggest attraction on the LPGA tour

June 14, 1999
June 14, 1999

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June 14, 1999

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My Shot Forget Webb and Sorenstam, I'm the biggest attraction on the LPGA tour

Do you know me? I admit I'm not a big name on the LPGA tour, but
I am big. I thought about trying to get an endorsement deal with
Rochester Big & Tall, but I don't know if I'm tall enough. Last
week, at the U.S. Women's Open, I finished 12th, 12 strokes
behind winner Juli Inkster. I made enough money to buy the
perfect couch, the kind you melt into and don't get out of for a
week. I'll put a refrigerator next to it so I won't miss any of
my favorite show, South Park.

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I've been eyeing the couch ever since last month at the Mercury
Titleholders in Daytona Beach, where I tied for third and made
enough money to get the 60-inch TV that I had wanted. It has
nine pictures in one--just like The Brady Bunch. The TV and the
couch will go perfectly in my new house in Madison, Wis.

My main home is the one I use when I'm on tour. Two years ago I
skipped the British Open and played in and won the Betty Puskar
Classic on the Futures tour (which p.o.'d some of the players
there). I made $9,700. With that money I traded in my old car,
bought a van and converted it into a luxury apartment on wheels.
It's equipped with a full-sized bed, a TV, a VCR, a microwave
and a refrigerator, which is filled with Coca-Cola and candy
bars. I like all kinds of candy--if it is sweet, it's me. Almond
Joy used to be my favorite, but now it's Kit Kat.

Three years ago I lost 50 pounds because I thought getting in
better shape would lead to better golf, but I couldn't hit the
ball 200 yards, and I would lose my balance and fall over. I had
my worst year ever. That winter I gained the weight back, and I
started playing well again. I don't care what people think of
the way I look. Growing up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan,
in Gladstone, I learned it's important to be yourself. I'm most
comfortable in a huge, baggy T-shirt and a pair of $12.96 shorts
from Wal-Mart.

When I was a kid, I didn't like golf. My dad paid me $50 a week
to chip and putt for an hour a day. I'm thankful that he pushed
me that way, and more thankful still that he hasn't asked for
the money back. That's more dough for the new house.

Becky Iverson, a six-year LPGA veteran, has won $165,502 in '99.