Stadium Seating

May 29, 2000
May 29, 2000

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May 29, 2000

Stadium Seating

Don't have enough sporting tchotchkes in your room? Still need
something to round out your collection of pennants, logo-bearing
lamps, garbage cans, pillowcases, throw rugs and antique SI
football phones? Then check out Stadium Desk.

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Designed by Paul Robby Associates, of Chicago, the 47 1/4"-tall
desk is made of engineered wood, with storage compartments
concealed under the grandstand. The design is generic--the desk
isn't modeled after any particular stadium--but it does come
with five plastic mats that cover the writing surface and allow
the owner to change motifs to baseball, basketball, football,
hockey or soccer. Stadium Desk costs $349.95. (A companion
stadium-style chair will be available soon.) For more
information call 888-325-DESK or visit

--Mark Beech