What Makes Sammy Overrun? That's just one of the provocative story lines in our fanciful summer sports-movie guide

June 19, 2000
June 19, 2000

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June 19, 2000

What Makes Sammy Overrun? That's just one of the provocative story lines in our fanciful summer sports-movie guide

Coming this summer to a theater near you:

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Eight Men Out: An openly gay baseball team endures the
infamous Black Sox (with Brown Shoes) scandal of 1919.

Admission Impossible: Patriots linebacker Andy Katzenmoyer
applies to Harvard Medical School.

10: Pedro Guerrero receives the results of a court-ordered IQ

Shaving Ryan's Privates: It's payback time, as loathsome Chargers
quarterback Ryan Leaf is hazed at minicamp.

The 39 Steps: An NBA player is called for traveling in this
farfetched science-fiction farce.

Being John Jurkovic: An office worker finds a portal into the
oft-concussed head of an NFL lineman.

The General's Daughter: Bob Knight (Bob Knight) burps, bathes,
bullies, diapers, scolds, cajoles and spoon-feeds the obedient
apple of his eye (Roy Firestone).

Goodwill Hunting: Sportswriter shops for clothes.

Truly, Madly, Deeply: Polygraph experts answer the question, Is
O.J. Simpson nuts?

Less Than Zero: Enrico Fermi, the physicist who split the atom,
attempts to calculate the scoring average of Los Angeles Lakers
reserve center John Salley.

The Neverending Story: Ken Venturi begins a rambling anecdote
during final-round coverage of the Masters.

Rushmore: The New Orleans Saints issue a preseason directive to
disappointing running back Ricky Williams.

John & Yoko: A Love Story: In a cynical attempt to prove his
contrition, John Rocker befriends a female Asian New Yorker with
poor driving skills.

Pokemon: At the Winter Olympics, members of the last-place
Jamaican bobsled team are asked to describe their sled.

Love and Basketball: Shawn Kemp distributes lots of the
former--and very little of the latter--in this heartbreaking

9 to 5: The Heat defeats the Knicks in a nail-biter.

My Dinner with Andre: U.S. Open champion Andre Agassi is charmed
and fascinated by his dinner companion--even though he is eating
alone, staring at his own reflection in a stainless-steel napkin

200 Cigarettes: A customs agent who thought he had seen it all
examines the contents of Jim Leyland's fanny pack.

Anna and the King: Abandoning Sergei Fedorov and Pavel Bure for
L.A. winger Ziggy Palffy, tennis starlet Anna Kournikova
surpasses Wayne Gretzky as the most prolific scorer in NHL

A Wish Called Fonda: Closing his eyes and crossing his fingers,
Atlanta Braves owner Ted Turner hopes to make his estranged wife

Boxing Helena: Mike Tyson announces his next opponent, an
86-year-old woman from Ukraine.

Gone in 60 Seconds: A stopwatch, a postgame buffet and Orioles
manager Mike Hargrove.

Catch 22: What will Cubs rightfielder Sammy Sosa do when 100
fungoes are hit to him? (Our lips are sealed!)