Gear Go fishing, go running whenever you wish and still not miss the first pitch

Aug. 14, 2000
Aug. 14, 2000

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Aug. 14, 2000

College Football Preview 2000

Gear Go fishing, go running whenever you wish and still not miss the first pitch

Fully Vested

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Fly-fishing might seem like a relatively risk-free activity, but
drownings do occur. Most anglers disdain bulky life jackets, even
though a slip in deep water can quickly fill hip waders and make
keeping one's head above water difficult for even the strongest
swimmers. As a solution the British outdoor clothing company
Englands ( offers the Doctor's Jacket, a fully
decked-out fishing vest that automatically inflates within five
seconds if immersed in water. When enough pressure is exerted on
the vest, a high-pressure spring punctures a carbon dioxide
canister that fills bladders inside the lightweight
polyester-cotton shell. The Doctor's Jacket retails for about
$220. For cold-weather fishermen, Englands also makes a
self-inflating fleece-lined jacket that sells for about $300.

It Also Tells Time

The Game Time Schedule Watch is for couch potatoes who can't
bear to miss one pitch of one game. The watch can display a
major league team's full schedule and plays Take Me Out to the
Ball Game when it's time for the first pitch of a game.
Available for the team of your choice, it costs $49.95. There
are also NASCAR and NFL models. Modules programmed with future
schedules can be purchased for $14.95. Check it all out at or call 888-249-9627.

Think Plastic

Wondering what becomes of those Dr Pepper bottles you've been
recycling? Check out the Olympic marathon in Sydney, where some
runners may be sporting Nike's Stand-Off Distance Singlet, made
of a blend of new polyester and a polyester fiber made from
recycled plastic. According to Nike, 1 1/2 two-liter bottles
provide enough material for one shirt. The Stand-Off comes only
in sunlight-reflecting white and is wash-and-wearable. It's
currently available on a limited basis, but will be in stores
next spring for less than $30. To find out more go to