COLOR PHOTO: PHOTOGRAPH BY AL TIELEMANS Exhaust Fumes Olympic decathletes take a seat or a knee or a full-blown flop after completing the 1,500 meters, the final event of their competition. COLOR PHOTO: PHOTOGRAPH BY BOB ROSATO The 'Do That Didn't South Carolina tailback Derek Watson lost his helmet, but he couldn't lose Alabama tackler Victor Ellis in a game the Gamecocks lost 27-17. COLOR PHOTO: PHOTOGRAPH BY JEFFREY LOWE Farm Team The family of superheavyweight Greco-Roman wrestler Rulon Gardner (from left, back row: sister Diane, brother Rollin, sister-in-law Tami, mother Virginia, father Reed, sister-in-law Trish with infant nephew Trayson, brother Russ and niece Jessi; front row: nephew Tyler, niece Saydi, nephew Justin, nephew Brock and niece Kelsea), their cows and their dog Boss celebrate his stunning Olympic victory (page 50).