Borough Ball The intracity World Series is a New York phenomenon: The Yankees, the Dodgers and the Giants played 13 of them from 1921 to '56. Here are some images to remember them by

October 22, 2000


1921 Giants over Yankees 5-3*
1922 Giants over Yankees 4-0
1923 Yankees over Giants 4-2
1936 Yankees over Giants 4-2
1937 Yankees over Giants 4-1
1941 Yankees over Dodgers 4-1
1947 Yankees over Dodgers 4-3
1949 Yankees over Dodgers 4-1
1951 Yankees over Giants 4-2
1952 Yankees over Dodgers 4-3
1953 Yankees over Dodgers 4-2
1955 Dodgers over Yankees 4-3
1956 Yankees over Dodgers 4-3

*Best of nine

B/W PHOTO: HY PESKIN Brooklyn's Carl Furillo awaited a carom off the Ebbets Field scoreboard in Game 5 of the '55 Series, which the Dodgers won in seven.
B/W PHOTO: BETTMANN/CORBIS In '47 Dodgers leftfielder Al Gionfriddo made an unforgettable catch in Game 6 to rob Joe DiMaggio. B/W PHOTO: BETTMANN/CORBIS Casey Stengel's ninth-inning inside-the-park home run--the first World Series homer at Yankee Stadium--won the opener for the Giants in '23. B/W PHOTO: BETTMANN/CORBIS Mickey Owen's two-out, third-strike passed ball in the ninth allowed Tommy Henrich to reach first and ignited the Yankees' rally that won Game 4 in '41. B/W PHOTO: BETTMANN/CORBIS G.M. Larry MacPhail (left) and manager Leo Durocher led the Dodgers' pennant parade in '41. B/W PHOTO: BETTMANN/CORBISIn '55 Brooklyn's Don Zimmer mishandled a throw in Game 2, allowing Yogi Berra to reach second; the Dodgers lost the game but won the next three, at home. B/W PHOTO: BETTMANN/CORBIS Current Yankees coach Zimmer was a Dodgers infielder (1954-59) and an original Met, in '62. B/W PHOTO: BETTMANN/CORBIS Two days before the '55 Series began, Stengel showed what his Yankees intended to do to the Dodgers; Brooklyn, however, got the last laugh. B/W PHOTO: JOHN G. ZIMMERMAN Don Larsen got a hug from Berra after he beat Brooklyn in Game 5 of the '56 Classic by pitching a perfect game, the only no-hitter in a century of Series play.