My Two Cents

The Cardinals' Vince Tobin was more than adequate in terms of X's
and O's, but he had to be fired in the wake of a 48-7 loss to the
Cowboys. If they have any respect for their coach, players don't
lie down the way Arizona's did the last two weeks.... If Doug
Flutie (below), by completing 28 of 43 passes in a mistake-free
start at Minnesota, didn't prove to coach Wade Phillips that he
should be the Bills' starter, then Phillips must have been
watching another game.... Forget Notre Dame. I say Jaguars coach
Tom Coughlin, who has three years left on his contract, will
return next season.... The Bucs are self-destructing, but don't
blame safety John Lynch, who is turning into the Ronnie Lott of
his day.

The Book
An AFC scout sizes up 37-year-old defensive end Bruce Smith, one
of the keys to the Redskins' five-game winning streak.

"He's playing as well as he has in five years. Look at the rest
of the line. Marco Coleman's having a career year. Dana
Stubblefield hasn't played this well since he was in San
Francisco. So much of that is the attention the offense must pay
to Smith. He's playing the run as well as almost any end. He has
the same two pass-rush moves, but he's still pressuring the
quarterback. His move from Buffalo has rejuvenated him. Question
is, 'Can he keep this up at his age?'"

The Buzz

Washington Wizards. Things are definitely looking up for the
Redskins, who have won five straight. Now there could be more
good fortune: Washington's toughest remaining games are this
Monday night against Tennessee and on Nov. 20 at St. Louis, but
both of those teams might be without their MVPs--Titans running
back Eddie George (knee sprain) and Rams quarterback Kurt Warner
(broken pinkie).

Slumping in Seattle. Who ever thought that a team coached by Mike
Holmgren would lose 12 of 15 games? "There will be a light at the
end of the tunnel," Holmgren said after a 31-3 loss to Oakland
dropped the Seahawks to 2-6. The question is when.

Couch Potato. The second season of Cleveland quarterback Tim
Couch is history, thanks to a broken right thumb he suffered last
week. His 22-game totals: 22 touchdowns, 22 interceptions and 59%
accuracy. Now the Browns must get a running back, a wideout and a
tackle in the draft or by free agency if they want Couch to reach
his potential.

Match Game

The locker of which NFL player?

Seventeen photographs of his wife and two children; a tin of
black Pekoe tea bags; more than a dozen sweatshirts, T-shirts and
turtlenecks on hangers; eight pairs of gloves; 21 pairs of shoes;
about 40 toiletry products; a copy of the Athlete's Prayer, on
top of the locker; a replica of a Bengal tiger along with the
five game balls he has been awarded during his career; and on the
floor, a laptop computer in a black-leather carrying case.

A. Eagles safety Brian Dawkins
B. Bengals safety Darryl Williams
C. Panthers cornerback Doug Evans

Answer below
Answer: Dawkins


The Last Word

"Mike [has] a willingness to innovate and change, and I think
that's what it takes to be successful."
Brown, who has made no significant changes to improve a team
that has the league's worst record since the start of the 1990