Dec. 11, 2000
Dec. 11, 2000

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Dec. 11, 2000


Pro football players making millions of dollars need to watch
"Remember the Titans" to help them win?
--BRENT BEAL, Keller, Texas

This is an article from the Dec. 11, 2000 issue

Big Bucks, Big Ideas

Thank you, Mark Cuban, for bringing much-needed energy into the
plodding arena of pro sports ownership (Dallas Maverick, Nov. 6).
Cuban has a fresh outlook compared with that of other owners, and
I, for one, like it.
ERIC MCALVEY, Walla Walla, Wash.

Two questions for Cuban: 1) Why can't all owners show the same
commitment, creative thinking and youthful exuberance? 2) Will
you please hire me? I'll do anything, even for the Mavericks!
STEVE ALBANESE, Westerville, Ohio

With Cuban buying softer towels, new sets of luggage and other
goodies for his players, it seemed he was wasting money. Then I
started doing the arithmetic: $100,000 on these perks out of his
$1 billion-plus net worth is equivalent to a Little League coach
who makes $50,000 to $100,000 a year spending $5 to $10 to take
his players for ice cream after a hot summer game.

Cuban should thank his lucky stars that Yahoo! decided to take a
chance on a new technology and make him a billionaire. He should
also recognize that he has an amazing opportunity to help those
who aren't so lucky, not spoiled athletes who already have
everything that their hearts desire. Cuban's wanton spending
makes me sick.

Missing in Action

How could Dr. Z leave Emmitt Smith off his Top 10 running backs
list (NFL Midseason Report, Nov. 6)? Smith is on pace to gain
more than 1,000 yards for the 10th straight year and is third on
the alltime rushing list, behind only Walter Payton and Barry
Sanders. Finally, he plays hurt and has three Super Bowl rings.

The Steelers' defensive unit went for a near record 21
consecutive quarters without allowing a touchdown, yet a
Pittsburgh player wasn't included on the midseason all-pro team.
How can that be? Not since the famed 1976 Steel Curtain defense
has a team approached this level of performance.
PERRY CRAENEN, Watford, Ont.

Randy Moss over Isaac Bruce and Terrell Owens for the midseason
all-pro team? I'm the first to admit that if anyone breaks Jerry
Rice's receiving records, it will be Moss, but this team was
supposed to honor players who had performed the best so far this
season, not those who had the most potential. Through eight games
this year Bruce had 49 catches, 950 yards and seven touchdowns.
Owens had 57 catches, 808 yards and 11 touchdowns. Moss had 40
catches, 686 yards and eight touchdowns.
BRAD LEWIS, Modesto, Calif.

Motivational Tool

You're right about the influence of the movie Remember the
Titans on football teams (SCORECARD, Nov. 6). As a coach in a
flag-football league for kids eight to 11, I took my players to
see the movie, and they loved it. The amazing thing was that the
film was appropriate for the age group, with none of the
swearing or nudity in other football movies.
KEVIN HORN, Waterloo, Ont.

Here's to Joe-Pa

Rick Reilly's column on Joe Paterno made this Penn State alumnus
realize (again) how fortunate we've been to have this man
involved with our university and its students for the past
50-plus years (THE LIFE OF REILLY, Nov. 13). The ultimate
measure of a college football coach is the lasting impact he has
on his players' lives 10, 20, 30 years down the road. To a man,
I would bet that Paterno's players would tell you that they are
better persons today as a result of their years at Penn State.
GLENN SHIREY, Delmont, Pa.

Paterno embodies all that is good about college football. Even
Pitt fans will admit that.

Hold On to Your Hats

I found it interesting that Pierre McGuire feels that the
hat-trick tradition is fading (INSIDE THE NHL, Nov. 6). That may
be attributable to the fact that those willing to make the toss
have been priced out of the lower bowl and may lack the Peyton
Manning-like arm strength necessary to throw a hat from the cheap
seats to the ice.
JEFFREY ALDERMAN, Merchantville, N.J.



Where's the Jaguars' Fred Taylor on your list of Top 10 running
GARY CORBITT, Jacksonville

--Dr. Z had Taylor as the 11th-rated running back on his
chart. --ED.