Witness: Jack Nicklaus Tournament host

Dec. 18, 2000
Dec. 18, 2000

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Dec. 18, 2000

Sportsman Of The Year

Witness: Jack Nicklaus Tournament host

EVENT: Memorial Tournament, Muirfield Village Golf Club, Dublin,
DATE: May 29

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"Every year at the Memorial we have a ceremony to honor
a player from the game's past. This year I was honored. I'm sure
someday we'll be honoring Tiger. Years ago somebody told me that
when Tiger was a kid, he taped a list of my golf accomplishments
on his closet. Well, if he's making a check mark every time he
matches me in something, he must have his pencil out pretty darn

"I don't think he did anything particularly amazing at the
Memorial this year. He was the defending champion and the best
golfer in the field. He played the best and won. Pretty simple.
But he's much better now than a year ago. His ability to control
the distance on his short irons has improved dramatically. I
don't know if I ever did that--made such a substantial
improvement in one part of my game in one year's time."


The number of statistical categories (out of 11) in which Woods
set a record this year: greens hit in regulation, eagles,
birdies, scoring average, all-around and earnings.