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Feb. 05, 2001
Feb. 05, 2001

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Feb. 5, 2001

Super Bowl XXXV

SI View The Week in TV Sports


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Pebble Beach National Pro-Am
CBS SATURDAY AND SUNDAY 3 PM In honor of celebrity participant
and former Eagle Glenn Frey, who we doubt will shoot one:

So put me on a fairway,
And show me a sign,
And take it to the divot one more time.

Among the pros, Tiger Woods returns to the Monterey Peninsula
with a peaceful, easy feeling after having won two PGA Tour
events--this one and the U.S. Open--here last year.

Hitmen at Outlaws
NBC 8 PM Taxi-squad-level football players, stripperesque
cheerleaders and the chance of a completed pass between the two?
Hey, we saw this film last summer! It was called The
Replacements. As the XFL kicks off its 12-week Saturday
prime-time slate with New York/New Jersey visiting Las Vegas,
you'll recognize precious few of the names, but NBC's telecasts
promise to be as much about the frosting as about the cake. What
will they call men who watch these games religiously? Xhusbands.


Knicks at Heat; Kings at Lakers
NBC 1 PM AND 3:30 PM On any given Sunday defending champion Los
Angeles can be as desultory as an Al Pacino awards show speech.
Meanwhile Sacramento, which through Sunday had the Western
Conference's best record (29-12), is tighter than the Corleones.
New York coach Jeff (Scarface) Van Gundy leads the Knicks, who
were getting a disappointing 12.5 points per game from former
Lakers forward (Glengarry) Glen Rice, against Miami, which has
benefited from the additions of two former Lakers, forward A.C.
Green and guard Eddie Jones. Hoo-aahh!

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Do You Believe in Miracles? The Story of the 1980 U.S. Hockey
HBO 10 PM Hockey gives us two gratifying moments this week.
First, the sight of the unretired Mario Lemieux, a three-time
All-Star Game MVP, skating for the North Americans against the
World's best in this year's game, in Denver (Sunday, ABC, 2:30
p.m.). Second, the stirring 60-minute documentary that retells
the story of the 20 young men and their coach, Herb Brooks, who
took on the world's best, the Soviets, in Lake Placid, and
improbably won Olympic gold. Poignantly detailed, the documentary
reveals that the White House visit made shortly after their
triumph was the last time the 20 players were together.




On its Super Bowl telecast, why didn't CBS bleep out the f-bomb
dropped by Raven Tony Siragusa as he ran onto the field during
pregame introductions? The network didn't use a five-second delay
during the game; such incidents show why it should have.... The
best regular-season college basketball game last year was UCLA at
Stanford, when the underachieving Bruins pulled off a 94-93
overtime upset of the top-ranked Cardinal. Check out this
season's reprise (Saturday, ABC, 3 p.m.).