SI Adventure

April 23, 2001
April 23, 2001

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April 23, 2001

Pro Football
Allen Iverson

SI Adventure

--LONG-DISTANCE LAND The dominance of Kenya's marathoners begins
in the hills of home

This is an article from the April 23, 2001 issue

--RETURN OF THE BEAST The Beast of the East race rose again,
still one tough monster

--TOTALLY GNARLEEN Snowboarder Karleen Jeffery has a remarkably
steep learning curve

--ALL THE RAGE Sunny Garcia has curbed his temper, but not his
angry surfing style

--BLIND AMBITION Can a blind man climb Everest? Erik Weihenmayer
is giving it a try

--INSIDE OUT The windsurfing-kitesurfing conflict, Gucci's new
board and more adventure news

--MURPHY'S LAW The author, an adventure racer, asks "What am I
doing in this sport?"

COLOR PHOTO: PHOTOGRAPH BY ROBERT BOSCH/ANZENBERGER PEAK PERFORMANCE During a recent high-altitude run in Provence, France, mountain biker Tarek Rasouli of Germany found the fastest way down.
"It's like being a Jamaican bobsledder. Blind mountain climber.
The words just don't connect." --Erik Weihenmayer, page A30