Twenty-five years ago, they were the Little Boys (and a Girl) of
Summer, a priceless collection of prepubescent misfits coached
by a beer-swilling former ballplayer. Despite their chronic
losing on the field, the Bears were a hit at the box office,
grossing nearly $25 million and winning over critics. ("Easy to
root for," said Newsweek. "It's a smart-ass kids' movie with
grownup views.") Although acting stardom awaited few of the cast
members, most have done well for themselves. Here's the good
news on the Bears today.

--Richard Deitsch


Erin Blunt, 37
as Ahmad Abdul Rahim, OF
Disc jockey in L.A., often at parties thrown by star athletes.
Bills himself as the personal deejay of Charlotte Hornets star
Baron Davis and an acquaintance of Shaq. Single. "I met Shaq at a
movie premiere, and he says, 'Hey, what's up, Ahmad?' I couldn't
believe it. Shaq recognized me."

Alfred W. Lutter, 39
as Ogilvie, backup 1B
CEO and co-founder of NetChemistry, an e-commerce company in
Southern California that provides software and Internet solutions
for the financial services industry. Married, one child.

David Pollock, 40
as Rudi Stein, P-OF
Manager of market planning for Rocketdyne, which builds rocket
propulsion systems, including the main engines for the space
shuttle. Divorced, two children.

Gary Lee Cavagnaro, 37
as Engelberg, C
Regional sales manager for BC Components, a Dallas-based
computer chip company. Married, four children.

Jackie Earle Haley, 39
as Kelly Leak, OF
Executive VP for San Antonio's Shootz Production Group, which
makes commercials and industrial films for corporations.
Divorced, two children.

Tatum O'Neal, 37
as Amanda Whurlizer, P
Actress; filming The Scoundrel's Wife, a World War II-era drama.
Divorced from John McEnroe, three children.

Walter Matthau
as Morris Buttermaker
Died last July of a heart attack, at age 79. Says Blunt, "He gave
us birthday gifts long after the movie was over. I wish he were
still alive because he was just so cool."

Quinn Smith, 36
as Timmy Lupus, backup OF
Out of acting since the second Bears film. Lives in L.A., but
through a SAG rep declined to speak with SI.

David Stambaugh, 36
as Toby Whitewood, 3B
Nearing completion of Ph.D. in sacred theology from Drew
University in Madison, N.J. Preaches at several churches
throughout southern New Jersey. Married, no children.

Scott Firestone, 38
as Regi Tower, 1B-3B
Writer-director in Los Angeles; wrote Wish You Were Dead, a
black comedy set to be released this fall. Single.

Chris Barnes, 36
as Tanner Boyle, SS
No longer acting; living in Utah. Single.

Brett Marx, 36
as Jimmy Feldman, OF
Freelance producer of music videos and commercials in L.A.
Married, one child.

Jayme Escobedo, 35
as Jose Agilar, backup 1B-3B
L.A. County reserve deputy sheriff and investigations manager
for Pep Boys Company. Married, four children. "People still come
up to me and say, 'You're the kid who wouldn't wear a jockstrap
because it was against your religion.'"

George Gonzales, 35
as Miguel Agilar, 2B
Assistant director for Backyard Productions, a Venice,
Calif.-based company. Married, two children. "My role was
supposed to be a Hispanic kid who couldn't speak English. In
reality, I couldn't speak a word of Spanish."

Eagle (-2)
Birdie (-1)
Bogey (+1)
Double Bogey (+2)