SI Adventure

Aug. 20, 2001
Aug. 20, 2001

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Aug. 20, 2001

SI Adventure

--Mother Approved
Andy Macdonald may be antidrug, but he's totally dope on a

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--Beware: Newcomer!
Steve Larsen, pro cyclist, has remade himself into a world-class

--Steep Thinker
Cliff diver Dustin Webster likes to give his audience a rise
when he takes a fall

--Upwardly Mobile
For 13-year-old bouldering whiz Tori Allen, the sky's the limit

--Inside Out
The Omak Suicide Race controversy, Chris Sharma's conquest and
more adventure news

--Murphy's Law
Lance Armstrong's Tour de France victory has spawned bikemania
in the U.S.

COLOR PHOTO: PHOTOGRAPH BY JOCK BRADLEY/RIPPIN PRODUCTIONS Good to the last drop Tao Berman (right), the world-record holder for the biggest plunge over a single waterfall in a kayak (98 feet), and Josh Bechtold do a little showboating during a recent run down Sheep Falls near Grande Cache, Alberta, Canada.
"Guys got on me for not smoking pot. They would say, 'You skate
too much,' and I'd be like, 'Is that even possible?'"
--Andy Macdonald page A4