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Oct. 08, 2001
Oct. 08, 2001

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Oct. 8, 2001

Catching Up With...
NHL 2001-02 Preview

Inside The Week in Sports

Ravens show their mettle
Redskins in for long year--and more
Aikman would listen to offers

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College Football
Northwestern's thrilling win
Volunteer steps forward
Clemson's comeback
K-State's near miss

Motor Sports
Schumacher eyes next year's F/1 threats
NASCAR in rut with new tracks
Busch Series's daredevil

COLOR PHOTO: PHOTOGRAPH BY AL TIELEMANS Slip, Sliding Away Cory Heinecke of Oklahoma makes sure, this time at least, that Kansas State quarterback Ell Roberson doesn't pull free in the Sooners' 38-37 win (page 107).