SI Adventure

Nov. 12, 2001
Nov. 12, 2001

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Nov. 12, 2001

College Football

SI Adventure

You Snooze, You Lose
A U.S. team caught the Kiwis napping and won the Eco-Challenge

This is an article from the Nov. 12, 2001 issue

Skating Straight
In-liner Barrie Hartman opts for endurance racing over tricks
and flips

Ice in Her Veins
Has ice climber Sue Nott become too fearless for her own good?

Get a Load of This Lad
British surfer Russell Winter is no longer a last-place novelty

Inside Out
An American makes hiking history, a Brit makes helium balloon
history and more news

Murphy's Law
At 46, off-road triathlete Ned Overend, a.k.a. the Lung, remains
forever young

COLOR PHOTO: PHOTOGRAPH BY BRENT FINLEY WINGS AND A PRAYER For some sky divers, merely flinging themselves earthward in a parachute isn't enough. After jumping out of a Twin Otter turboprop (not pictured) over Eloy, Ariz., these five sky divers steered themselves toward, and ultimately into, a Turbine Porter aircraft, whose own free fall had been slowed by a drag chute. Once the sky divers were safely inside the Porter, the plane's pilot reengaged the propeller, enabling the craft to build enough speed so that the chute could be released.
"I want the next Eco-Challenge to have an Indiana Jones feel to
it, more problem-solving, navigating and high adventure."
--Mark Burnett page A4