Greg Anthony, guard, Chicago Bulls

Time spent on the Internet: Three hours a day. "The first thing
I do when I get home is check my e-mail. Sometimes I'll take my
little guy [Cole, 19 months] with me, and he'll start pushing
the keyboard, wanting to watch his Barney CD-ROM."

Computer: Toshiba laptop with a DSL line

Uses his computer for: He's a managing director of Sports
Venture Partners, a group of current and former athletes,
including Darrell Green of the Redskins and Robert Smith of the
Vikings, who invest with some of the top equity funds in the
country, such as Madison Dearborn Partners and The Blackstone
Group. "It's an LBO [leveraged buyout] fund. It's a great
investment tool, particularly for athletes because it normally
takes seven to 10 years to come to fruition."


"My home page is I read newspapers on line,
and I look at MSNBC, CNBC, Fox and CNN/SI. When I want to see a
movie in a city we're visiting, I go to I also go to
all the major magazines, like