On Your (Book) Marks

March 04, 2002
March 04, 2002

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March 4, 2002

On Your (Book) Marks

Andy Roddick

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Time spent on the Internet: About 25 minutes a day

Computer: "At home I have a Panasonic something or other, and
when I'm on the road I use a cheapie Toshiba laptop."

Own website: "Yes, I update it as often as I
can. I answer a lot of e-mail, and some questions are odd. I've
been asked about dating, and I get lots of questions about my
bathroom. I've decorated it with Nebraska Cornhuskers [he's from
Omaha] wallpaper."

Sites he regularly visits: "I like and other sites
for downloading music. Recently I've downloaded stuff from bands
like U2, Lifehouse and Outkast."