On Your (Book) Marks

March 18, 2002
March 18, 2002

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March 18, 2002

Si Adventure

On Your (Book) Marks

Curt Schilling,
RHP, Diamondbacks

This is an article from the March 18, 2002 issue

Time spent on the Internet: "I go on multiple times daily."

Computer: Dell Inspiron with a six-gigabyte hard drive and a one
gigahertz processor.

Sites he regularly visits: "I always check, which is a war-games publishing site
that I own. I also go to, which is a war-games
website, and, which is a site for people who play
Everquest, a role-playing game."

All over the Web: "I did a search with my name sometime this
winter and got about 41,000 hits. Needless to say I couldn't
check them all out. It's mind-boggling the amount of stuff out
there with your name on it, even stuff you don't know about."