TV Talk Broadcasting's Young Buck Steps Up to the Plate

April 15, 2002
April 15, 2002

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April 15, 2002

Pro Football

TV Talk Broadcasting's Young Buck Steps Up to the Plate

Along with his role as Fox's No. 1 baseball play-by-play
announcer and filling in for his father, Jack, on St. Louis
Cardinals radio broadcasts, 32-year-old Joe Buck is expected to
succeed Pat Summerall as Fox's top football voice. We recently
spent some time with him.

This is an article from the April 15, 2002 issue

SI: With Fox so heavy into cross-promotion, will we see you on
Temptation Island 3?

Buck: I've been asked not to appear shirtless.

SI: You and Tim McCarver appear in the background on one of the
Monica Lewinsky-Linda Tripp tapes. Do you feel responsible for
Ken Starr's investigation?

Buck: Yes. I also feel responsible for the double dutch chocolate
Tripp was eating when she was entrapping Lewinsky.

SI: Were you disappointed that neither Lewinsky nor Tripp
mentioned you while discussing Clinton, food and hairstyles?

Buck: No. I want no part of either one of those two.

SI: You keep a life-sized cardboard cutout of Mike Myers as
Austin Powers in your basement. Where do you keep your
life-sized cardboard cutout of Terry Bradshaw?

Buck: In my bathroom.

SI: How would the announcing team of Joe Buck and John Madden

Buck: (laughing) That's something we will never know.

SI: How similar is calling play-by-play for Grand Prix horse
jumping to doing NFL games?

Buck: Where did you get my f------ resume! There are a lot fewer
scandals in horse jumping, but both are events that people just
can't get enough of.

SI: Were you drawn to host Fox's special featuring Robbie Knievel
because he's the son of a famous sports personality?

Buck: No, I was drawn strictly by the money.

SI: Your dad handled play-by-play for the first AFL broadcast. Do
you wish you had called the first XFL game?

Buck: I did, but I was in my living room watching on TV.

SI: As a former student at Indiana, are you a Mike Davis or Bob
Knight guy?

Buck: I'm more of a Cam Cameron guy.

SI: If I hit my 62nd home run at Busch Stadium, would you hug me
like you hugged Mark McGwire?

Buck: I hug all major leaguers who hit 62 home runs.

SI: If you were a pitcher, would you rather have McCarver or Bob
Brenly behind the plate?

Buck: McCarver. The guy caught Gibson and Carlton. Brenly caught
Rick Reuschel.

SI: Do you favor the word nepotism or birthright?

Buck: I prefer nepotism--it pisses people off a lot more.

--Richard Deitsch