Q+A George Foreman

May 20, 2002
May 20, 2002

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May 20, 2002

Q+A George Foreman

With the June 8 Mike Tyson-Lennox Lewis bout coming up, we
grilled HBO boxing announcer George Foreman.

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SI: Do you think Muhammad Ali owns a George Foreman Lean Mean Fat
Reducing Grilling Machine?

Foreman: Most certainly. I've sent him more than one.

SI: You've been married five times. Would you recommend that
course to all men?

Foreman: No. Once is enough--and take your time. You're only ready
for marriage after you hit 30.

SI: What's your pick for Tyson-Lewis?

Foreman: If Tyson comes in at 222 pounds or under, I give him the
edge. I'll take him in a knockout. Three rounds.

SI: In your prime how quickly do you knock out Lewis?

Foreman: Two rounds.

SI: At age 45 you KO'd 26-year-old Michael Moorer. How would you
do against a 26-year-old today?

Foreman: Better. If you hold on to your stamina and your legs
don't give out, you become stronger. I'm stronger now than I was
five years ago.

SI: What's the better feeling: cashing an endorsement check or
knocking a guy out?

Foreman: Those checks come in handy. Knockouts, you forget real

SI: Who's the best fighter in the world?

Foreman: Oscar De La Hoya. And we haven't seen the best of him

SI: Do you taste all the food you endorse?

Foreman: That's the problem. Not only do I taste it, but I eat
too much of it.

SI: Who hit you the hardest during your career?

Foreman: Ron Lyle. He hit me so hard, I had to watch it on film
to know I was hit.

SI: Can a religious man be dangerous in the ring?

Foreman: Once a man dedicates himself to religion, he can focus
on what he's doing. When I was young, it was hurry up and get out
of the gym so I could go to a party. When I found religion, it
became hurry up and get out of the gym so I could get to church.

SI: You love pigeons. Tyson loves pigeons. What's up with boxers
and pigeons?

Foreman: Pigeons have this freedom, and I think everyone likes
to be free. Touch their wings and you can feel the power of
freedom. --Richard Deitsch