Former top 20 tennis player Lisa Bonder's child support case
just got a bit trashier--literally. In January, Bonder, 36, sued
her ex-husband, billionaire financier Kirk Kerkorian, for $3.8
million a year in child support (SCORECARD, Jan. 28). The
request was made on behalf of Bonder's four-year-old daughter,
Kira. Last week Kerkorian, 84, filed court papers that said he
had DNA evidence that proves he isn't Kira's father. Kerkorian
hired a private eye to rummage through Hollywood producer Steve
Bing's garbage, where the gumshoe dug up a piece of used dental
floss. According to Kerkorian, lab tests showed that Bing, who
is also involved in a paternity dispute over Elizabeth Hurley's
six-week-old son, is a genetic match with Kira. Bing responded
by filing a $1 billion invasion of privacy lawsuit against
Kerkorian. "One of the richest men in the world...schemed to
steal [Bing's] DNA from the a disgusting effort to
publicly smear and disparage his ex-wife," reads Bing's
complaint, which goes on to say that Kerkorian is simply trying
to "avoid his financial obligations to an innocent little girl."
In response Kerkorian's lawyerTerry Christensen said, "Instead
of doing the right thing, Mr. Bing has chosen to unleash a
series of outrageously false statements to serve his own
interests." Christensen also said that it was Bing who was being
"a deadbeat dad." Undoubtedly the trash talk will continue.

Shortly after The Sum of All Fears, Paramount's upcoming film
based on the best-selling Tom Clancy novel, began shooting in
Montreal in the spring of 2001, some residents of that embattled
sports town saw promise in the storyline. "People heard that we
were filming scenes at Olympic Stadium and that the plot
involved a bomb," says Fears director Phil Alden Robinson. "A
lot of them were very disappointed to find out that we didn't
actually plan to blow the place up." Robinson, best known for
directing Field of Dreams, was surprised when Fears star Ben
Affleck approached him and said, "It's great working with you
again." Turns out that Affleck and Matt Damon were extras in
1989's Dreams: "They were in the scene we shot at Fenway Park
with James Earl Jones and Kevin Costner. They were out there in
the centerfield stands living it up." Making cameos in Fears are
a couple of familiar sports figures: Longtime NFL official Jerry
Markbreit referees a CFL game in the movie, while former Bears
and Raiders wide receiver Willie Gault portrays the game's color

Sports wedding of the week: Redskins cornerback Champ Bailey
married longtime girlfriend Hanady Aboneaaj on Saturday in
Atlanta. The newlyweds, who met while they were undergraduates
at Georgia, invited 240 people to the ceremony at Dean Gardens,
a privately owned mansion where Toni Braxton was wed last
summer. Irving Fryar, an ordained Pentecostal minister,
performed the ceremony in front of a crowd that was packed with
NFLers, including Deion Sanders, Troy Vincent, Steven Davis and
Larry Centers.

COLOR PHOTO: REUTERS/RAFAEL PEREZ PICTURE THIS On his visit to Cuba this month former President Jimmy Carter and Fidel Castro went to a ball game in Havana. Before the game Carter played catch with a Cuban player while Castro, a former pitcher, watched. Though The Star-Spangled Banner wasn't played, the two men had stood together for that anthem earlier in Carter's trip. "Two things our countries share," said Carter, "are music and baseball."

An anthropology student at UC Santa Cruz has received $20,000 in
grants to follow NASCAR and research his dissertation, Southern
Culture and Stock Car Racing.


Raptors general manager, on the status of his star player: "I'm
not trading Vince Carter [left]. That is, unless he suffers a
career-ending injury. Then he would be available."