Jimmy Kimmel

May 27, 2002
May 27, 2002

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May 27, 2002

Si Adventure

Jimmy Kimmel

The pigskin comedian on Fox's NFL Sunday has landed his own ABC
talk show, which starts in January and will follow Nightline
(replacing Politically Incorrect).

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SI: Do you have incriminating photos of Disney chairman Michael
Eisner or is this hiring based on your amazing comedic talents?

Kimmel: This is a combination of my talents and ABC's ignorance.

SI: Is this just an underhanded way to eventually land a job on
Monday Night Football?

Kimmel: If it didn't work with Dennis Miller, they sure as hell
won't roll the dice on me.

SI: How much will your show revolve around sports?

Kimmel: Much of my life revolves around sports, so a good deal of
it. For instance, since my first show airs after the Super Bowl,
I'll probably mention it.

SI: What sports stars would you like to have as guests?

Kimmel: Shaq and Kobe. Mike Piazza. Terry Bradshaw. Anyone in a
collect phone call commercial, really.

SI: What's the one thing you'd like to ask one particular

Kimmel: I'd ask Mike Tyson, "Why, my brother? Why?"

SI: Why don't you make like Joe Namath and guarantee us that
you'll kick Craig Kilborn's butt in the ratings?

Kimmel: Well, I am like Joe Namath in that I'm wearing stockings
right now.

SI: As a prognosticator, do you miss Jimmy the Greek?

Kimmel: No, but as a fan of crazy people on television, I do.

SI: Does ABC know that you dropped out of both UNLV and Arizona

Kimmel: Not only did I drop out of college, I dropped out of
really bad colleges.

SI: What beverage goes best with football?

Kimmel: I'd have to say a Chablis.

SI: What beverage goes best with Nightline?

Kimmel: A nice shot of Crown Royal.

SI: Who's your ideal first guest?

Kimmel: David Letterman, but I don't think that will happen, will

SI: Will ABC make you show your naked butt on camera the way
Dennis Franz did on NYPD Blue?

Kimmel: God, I hope so. That's what Americans need to see as they
doze off. --Richard Deitsch