Q+A Rick Schroder

Sept. 23, 2002
Sept. 23, 2002

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Sept. 23, 2002

Q+A Rick Schroder

After giving up his NYPD Blue badge last year, the 32-year-old
actor goes from the streets of New York to the great outdoors as
the host of ESPN's The New American Sportsman.

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SI: Are you contractually obligated to bare your butt on

Schroder: Only if the ratings go really low.

SI: You were born on Staten Island. How big an outdoorsman are

Schroder: I've been involved with fishing and hunting since I was
about nine. I love the outdoors.

SI: Is it true that William Holden first introduced you to
hunting in 1980 while you were both filming The Earthling in

Schroder: True. We went rabbit hunting with .22 rifles, and he
let me do the shooting. I think I missed everything.

SI: You made a nice transition from child star to adult actor.
How disappointed are you that you haven't been the subject of an
E! True Hollywood Story?

Schroder: It's not over yet. There's still time.

SI: Did Curt Gowdy, the host of the original American Sportsman
show, give you any advice?

Schroder: I spoke to him briefly one time, and he basically told
me to enjoy it and make it a good time because it was a great
part of his life.

SI: Should we be scared or excited by the prospect of upcoming
guest Jane Seymour's shark fishing?

Schroder: Dr. Quinn? I'm sure she's going to do fine.

SI: Where is the 1980 Golden Globe you won for The Champ?

Schroder: It sits on a desk at home, and when I need to keep the
door open, it serves as a door opener.

SI: Any chance of an American Sportsman show featuring you, David
Caruso and Jimmy Smits?

Schroder: [Laughs.] That actually would be a hoot.

SI: You and Brad Pitt were track-star brothers in the 1991 film
Across the Tracks. Who wins that race today?

Schroder: Well, I certainly won it then. I don't know about now.
It depends if he's quit smoking.

SI: Finally, how dangerous would it be if one of the celebrity
guests on the show called you Ricky while you had a hunting rifle
in your hands?

Schroder: I'll tell you what: Only one of us is coming out of the
woods. --R.D.

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