Andy and Mandy are shedding their inhibitions. Tennis star Andy
Roddick, 20, and pop singer--actress Mandy Moore, 18, came out as
a couple last week as they mingled with Jimmy Fallon, Fran
Drescher and other celebs at the Chris Evert/Raymond James
Pro-Celebrity Tennis Classic in Boca Raton, Fla. At the U.S. Open
last August, Roddick played coy when asked about his link to
Moore. "We're friends," he said. "We hang out a little. She's
come out to the tennis a couple of times, and her mom's a pretty
big tennis fan." The couple met last July in Toronto when Roddick
and fellow U.S. pro James Blake were invited by Moore's mom,
Stacy--who met Roddick at one of his matches--to visit Moore on
the set of her upcoming film, How to Deal. As talented as he is,
Roddick is still not a household name among adolescents. A piece
on Moore in a current overseas edition of Seventeen refers to
Roddick as her "tennis-playing honey, Andy Reddish."

On Dec. 18 Jon Voight will accomplish something as the coach of
the Bills that Marv Levy never did: win a Super Bowl. But then,
as part of the TNT network movie Second String, Voight's
championship will be strictly a creation of Hollywood, with
former Ally McBeal star Gil Bellows at quarterback instead of
Hall of Famer Jim Kelly. According to Voight, 63, the differences
go deeper than that: "I'm playing a hardheaded coach who has to
learn a lesson. Marv was a guy who had the respect of everybody."

Looking to put the thrill back in your marriage? Try sliding with
your mate headfirst down a mountain at 75 mph, as U.S. skeleton
racers Brady and Felicia Canfield of Kaysville, Utah, do. Married
for 16 years and the parents of three boys, the
Canfields--Brady's 39 and Felicia's 37--became the second
husband-and-wife combination to qualify for a U.S. World Cup
skeleton team, with third-place finishes at the national trials
held last month in Park City, Utah, and Lake Placid, N.Y.

Is there a Carolina Panthers bobblehead jinx? The Charlotte
Observer reports that of the nine players who had bobblehead
dolls made of them, eight have had serious problems: kicker John
Kasay (hernia) and running back DeShaun Foster (left knee)
suffered season-ending injuries; linebacker Dan Morgan has been
plagued by numerous ailments; receiver Muhsin Muhammad pulled his
hamstring; tight end Wesley Walls broke a finger; receiver Steve
Smith was suspended by the team for fighting; defensive end
Julius Peppers was, at press time, facing a league hearing for
allegedly testing positive for a banned substance; and
quarterback Chris Weinke lost his starting job. The one player to
escape the bobblehex so far is offensive tackle Todd Steussie.

Former WNBA forward Andrea Lloyd Curry will serve as the
publisher of a new monthly business magazine for women in
Minnesota, Women's Business Minnesota. It debuts in March.... As
part of a Dec. 15 concert titled A Celebration of American Song
at New York City's West Park Presbyterian Church, bass-baritone
Peter Heiman will perform seven songs from what he considers the
Golden Age of baseball music, 1908 to '13. His set list includes
such forgotten classics as Jake! Jake! The Yiddisha Ballplayer,
My Dad Is Baseball Mad and that early chick anthem If You Can't
Make a Hit in a Ball Game, You Can't Make a Hit with Me.

COLOR PHOTO: RADU SIGHETI/REUTERS (MARATHON) PICTURE THIS If you think the potholes in the New York City Marathon are dangerous, consider this U.S. soldier, running in the Minefield Marathon at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan, under the watchful eye of his Afghan counterpart. Some 150 members of the Coalition Joint Task Force competed on Nov. 29, despite 15,000 mines--remnants of the 1980s Soviet occupation--scattered in the area. COLOR PHOTO: SETH BROWARNIK/WIREIMAGE.COM (RODDICK-MOORE) Andy, Mandy COLOR PHOTO: OTTO GREULE JR./GETTY IMAGES (HOLMGREN)

The English soccer team Manchester United says it has up to 1,800
deceased season-ticket holders, whose families haven't notified
the club of the deaths for fear of losing rights to the tickets.

Seahawks coach, offering insight into the nature of momentum:
"When it's going, it just kind of goes, and when it's not going,
it kind of stops."

Eagle (-2)
Birdie (-1)
Bogey (+1)
Double Bogey (+2)