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Dec. 09, 2002
Dec. 09, 2002

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Dec. 9, 2002

King's Corner

Eagles defensive end Hugh Douglas

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SI: If you weren't a football player, what job would you have?

Douglas: I'd be a UPS driver. I want to drive the big brown

SI: In 1998 Bill Parcells traded you from the Jets to the Eagles.
Any hard feelings?

Douglas: None at all. He did what he had to do for his team.

SI: The tackle who's the toughest to pass-rush against?

Douglas: Chris Samuels [of the Redskins], and I have to see him
twice a year.

SI: Least favorite road stadium?

Douglas: Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis. The fans are so-o-o-o

SI: You've had an up-and-down year--four sacks in September, none
in October, four in November. What do December and January have
in store for you?

Douglas: Hopefully we win the rest of our games and go to the
Super Bowl--and I'm the Super Bowl MVP. It can happen.

SI: You could be a free agent after the season. Will you still be
an Eagle in 2003?

Douglas: I think I will be. I can't see playing for any other

SI: You wake up on Monday--what hurts?

Douglas: My legs hurt the worst. They feel like dead weight. It
feels like someone's holding a lighter to my kneecaps.

Drew Bledsoe's homecoming: Bills at Patriots

Gillette Stadium was supposed to be the House That Drew Built,
but Bledsoe was traded to Buffalo before he could play a game in
the facility that opened this year. He returns with an offense
that, before putting up 38 points against the Dolphins on Sunday,
had scored a total of only 36 in its previous three outings,
including a 38-7 loss to New England. "We've got to learn to be
a well-oiled machine, not just a quick-strike machine," Bledsoe


Chiefs 42-year-old kicker Morten Andersen, the second-oldest
player in the league, says he thinks he can play until he's 50.
Maybe we should start taking him seriously. He's within
percentage points of having the most accurate season in his
21-year career, and he's tied for second in the league in
scoring. Here's how Andersen has fared on field goal attempts
this year compared with the best seasons of his career.


1985 25 Saints 31-35 .886
2002 42 Chiefs 21-24 .875
1986 26 Saints 26-30 .867
1992 32 Saints 29-34 .853
1997 37 Falcons 23-27 .852


1. The NFL is whistling in the dark if it thinks someone will pay
$550 million for the Vikings. That's the minimum the league wants
the team to sell for, which is ridiculously ambitious when you
consider that owner Red McCombs doesn't own the Metrodome and the
team's stuck with a horrible lease in a rotten stadium until

2. The Giants would be wise to take the $2 million salary cap hit
in 2003 on cornerback Jason Sehorn and release him after this
season. The 31-year-old Sehorn hasn't been the same player since
undergoing a series of knee surgeries over the past several
years. --P.K.