How's this for a lineup: Allen Iverson at the point, rapper JayZ
on the wing. That's the strategy at Reebok, which has begun a
marketing partnership with the rapper called the S. Carter
Collection by Rbk. (JayZ's real name is Shawn Carter.) The street
sneakers, priced at around $150, will be unveiled in ads during
NBA AllStar weekend in February. This is the latest entree into
the hardwood arena for JayZ, who cites Iverson in his song A
Million and 1 Questions ("To guide ya'll through, show you how
it's done, I'm the question and the answer like Iverson") and
styles NBA throwback jerseys. Last week the rapper and his lady
love, Beyonce Knowles--below, together at a Knicks game--joined
Michael Jordan, Charles Oakley and Ahmad Rashad for dinner at
swanky Jimmy's Downtown in Manhattan, and for JayZ it was partly
a research outing. He's reportedly planning to open a club in
Manhattan and may name it in honor of his late friend and former
St. John's and Timberwolves star Malik Sealy.

Sometimes even James Bond needs help, which explains how British
Olympic fencer Steven Paul and U.S. surfer Laird Hamilton got
onto the set of Die Another Day. Paul doubled for leading man
Pierce Brosnan and also tutored Madonna, who makes a cameo in
Day's sharp fencing scene. While it was Paul's first film,
Hamilton, who rides a massive wave in the opening sequence,
worked with Kevin Costner on Waterworld. So which Hollywood hunk
is better suited to a raging surf? "I don't recommend either go
there," Hamilton told SI. "It's not for the inexperienced." Nor
was Hamilton overly excited about Day's compactly built costar,
Halle Berry. "I like my women like I like my waves," Hamilton
explained. "Big."

Olympic mogul meister and Wheaties box-er Jonny Moseley, who
hosts the MTV reality series Battle of the Sexes that debuts next
month, has found that TV work can be dangerous. Last year while
filming CBS's Battle of the Superstars in Jamaica, Moseley
stepped on a stingray and limped to second place behind Alpine
skier Bode Miller. When he returned to the island in August to
shoot Battle of the Sexes, Moseley says, "I was snorkeling for
about one minute and what do I see but a huge stingray. I'm
scared of Jamaica." Moseley also got a fright from MTV bad boy
Puck, who was on hand with the Real World cast. "Puck was chasing
people around with a machete, causing havoc," Moseley says. "The
experience was a trip. I had fun, but I'm not sure I'd do it

Former Ravens defensive tackle Tony Siragusa plays a Russian
mobster in 25th Hour, which stars Edward Norton and opens this
week. Siragusa, who originally thought he'd been cast as an
Italian mobster, took voice lessons to hone his Russian
accent.... Dale Earnhardt Jr., who's known for his trademark
compliment, "He's a kick-ass dude," should feel at home when he
hosts the Dale Earnhardt Jr. Grappling Classic, a jiujitsu
tournament in Concord, N.C., on Jan. 25. Grapplers include world
champ Ricco Rodriguez and former champ Royce Gracie. "The point
is to get the word out about jiujitsu," says Earnhardt, an avid
fan of the martial art.... Curt Schilling is on the cover of this
month's Worth, posing in civvies under the header "25 Most
Generous Young Americans." The 36-year-old Diamondbacks pitcher,
who has raised more than $3 million for ALS (Lou Gehrig's
disease), was named the magazine's Young Benefactor of the Year.

COLOR PHOTO: KHALIL MAZRAAWI/AFP (PICTURE THIS) PICTURE THIS He's been through the desert ... and his horse has a name. Dubai's 53year-old crown prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum (7) rode Qais, his Arabian gelding, in last Saturday's 120km Endurance Masters Series Ride through the sands of southern Jordan. The crown prince's son, Sheikh Ahmed, 16, (not pictured) beat 96 other riders to win the race in five and a half hours. COLOR PHOTO: DAVID SAFFRAN/MADISON SQUARE GARDEN (BEYONCE, JAY-Z) Beyonce and JayZ COLOR PHOTO: LOU CAPOZZOLA (WEEKES)

Sylvester Stallone and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc. are planning to
make Rocky VI.


Hurricanes coach, on when goalie Kevin Weekes (left), who's out
with postconcussion syndrome, would take an NHL-mandated
neurological test to determine his return date: "I don't know.
He's busy studying for it."