The 6'3" former pro volleyball player (and occasional model) will
conduct interviews for USA Network's upcoming PGA Tour Sunday, a
live weekly one-hour show that debuts on Jan. 12.

SI: At 32 you've set a goal to be ready to play at the LPGA tour
qualifying school in the summer of 2004. What part of your game
needs the most work?

Reece: One hundred yards and in, which is all touch and feel and
a sensitivity thing. I can blast it, but that doesn't mean

SI: If Hootie Johnson offered you a membership to Augusta
National, would you take it?

Reece: No. I shouldn't be the first woman to get it. Secondly, I
really don't have any interest. It's like going into enemy lines.
Why would you want to go there? Plus, there are so many other
chicks that should definitely be there before me.

SI: You and Tiger Woods are pals. Should people expect him to
take a stand against Augusta's policy?

Reece: I don't think so. Tiger should stand up for the things
that are personal to him. First of all he's not a woman. He
voiced that he doesn't agree with it, and after that I don't know
what else he's supposed to do.

SI: You met your husband [pro surfer Laird Hamilton] by riding
tandem with him on a 12-foot surfboard in a TV show. Is this a
good approach for meeting a guy?

Reece: Yeah, it's great because you can put your butt in his

SI: Come 2004, if you're not ready for Q school, how long will
you continue your quest to be a pro golfer?

Reece: If I'm not close, then I will have to sit down and
evaluate what the hell is going down. I have people around me who
will tell me the truth. They'll say, "Dude, go put on some tight
pants and makeup because this isn't happening." But I have a hard
time thinking this is impossible.

SI: You play golf nearly every day. Would you describe your
relationship with the game as an obsession?

Reece: No. I feel like I'm courting golf. I'm trying to get golf
to be nicer to me and like me, and I'm trying to understand it
better. Golf is like a difficult woman. Always changing.

SI: You once said, "A pretty girl is interesting for about 10
minutes." So how long are you interesting for?

Reece: I think I'm pretty interesting. I don't want to bore
myself. --R.D.

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COLOR PHOTO: ANDREWMACPHERSON (REECE) Golf's like a difficult woman