Led by staff writer and premier party crasher George Dohrmann, SI
staked out the Super Bowl bashes. We didn't like the Maxim
shindig (too crowded, no dancing) or the Def Jam party (too many
fights), but plenty of places were rockin'.

W HOTEL At the Smirnoff Ice Black Label three-night soiree, an
outdoor mezzanine was covered with sand, and a bonfire lit the
sky. NFL stars Jeremy Shockey, Terrell Owens and Marcus Allen
mingled with Reese Witherspoon, Shannon Elizabeth, Tara Reid and
Denzel Washington. Fifty bucks to the doorman and a sharp outfit
got you in. priceless moment Reid, sitting on the lap of Packers
safety Marques Anderson saying, "This is the best. It's like

PLAYBOY The best venue (the mission in Balboa Park with its
multiple terraces) and, of course, the most breathtaking women.
CSI's Marg Helgenberger and The Shield's Michael Chiklis joined
Hef for the Saturday-night hoedown. Shannon Sharpe, Ray Lewis and
Tony Gonzalez sipped champagne served by a woman wearing lingerie
and body paint. Scalped tickets went for more than $1,000.
priceless moment Former Steeler Will Blackwell staring at a woman
in a G-string and lavender body paint and saying, "In the real
world, you try not to stare--but this is not the real world."

EA SPORTS Thursday night at Axiom in the Gas Lamp district. The
Colts' Dwight Feeney and the Saints' Sammy Knight partook of the
PlayStation setups. Owens, Heisman Trophy--winner Carson Palmer,
Warren G, and David Wells got into Tampa DJ Mad Linx's killer
mix. priceless moment 'N Sync's Lance Bass and Joey Fatone
running in and out of the bathroom, laughing at a friend who was
vomiting in one of the stalls.

E! SUPER PARTY The $200 tickets for this Saturday event went to
the foundation formed by Rodney Peete and his wife, Holly
Robinson. Kurt Warner, Trent Green and Jeff Garcia shimmied as DJ
Doug E. Fresh cranked old Michael Jackson. Simeon Rice danced
with an Elvis impersonator and Sheila E joined Eve onstage.
priceless moment Green trying in vain to stop his wife, Julie,
from writhing on the hood of a Mercedes that was on display.

DAT DUDE Hosted on Saturday night at a Harbor Island hotel by
Chargers Marcellus (Dat Dude) Wiley, Rodney Harrison and Curtis
Conway. For dance vibe, no other party touched it. NBAers such as
the Lakers' Devean George and Kareem Rush were there as was boxer
Lennox Lewis. Wiley, whom teammates call "the best free-agent
acquisition ever" because he knows so many women, invited his
entire Rolodex, creating a spectacular 2-to-1 ratio of women to
men. PRICELESS MOMENT A partygoer running up to Lewis and saying,
"Let me hear your [British] accent."

STEINBERG/MOORAD Saturday afternoon at the San Diego Zoo. Lots of
front-office types, (Jerry Jones and family) and cold Coronas as
zoo workers ushered in exotic animals. PRICELESS MOMENT
Hurricanes QB Ken Dorsey meeting the handler of a great horned
owl and marveling that the bird pants like a dog when it gets

COLOR PHOTO: SCOTT HARRISON/GETTY IMAGES (GORDON/CHURCH) 1 SUPER SCENE 1. Jeff Gordon and date Amanda Church 2. Jack Osbourne 3. Jeremy Shockey 4. Tony Siragusa lifts Tara Reid 5. Bachelorette Trista Rehn and Ronnie Lott 6. Scott Erickson 7. John Salley and the Miller Lite catfighters 8. Eric Dickerson with guest COLOR PHOTO: JON KOPALOFF/GETTY IMAGES (OSBOURNE) 2 [See caption above] COLOR PHOTO: JASON NEVADER/WIREIMAGE.COM (SHOCKEY) 3 [See caption above] COLOR PHOTO: IMAGE DIRECT (REID/SIRAGUSA) 4 [See caption above] COLOR PHOTO: KEVIN MAZUR/WIREIMAGE.COM 6 [See caption above] COLOR PHOTO: DIMITRIOS KAMBOURIS/WIREIMAGE.COM 7 [See caption above] COLOR PHOTO: KEVIN MAZUR/WIREIMAGE.COM 5 [See caption above] COLOR PHOTO: DIMITRIOS KAMBOURIS/WIREIMAGE.COM 8 [See caption above] COLOR PHOTO


A soft-drink company is offering $5 million to a fan who sinks a
half-court shot while suspended upside down at L.A.'s Staples
Center during next month's Pac-10 basketball tournament.


Kansas basketball coach, on the only shortcoming he sees in No. 1
Arizona: "They don't have that one seven-foot monster with one
eye in the middle of his head and smelly armpits."