Q+A Sale and Pelletier

March 17, 2003
March 17, 2003

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March 17, 2003

Inside Soccer

Q+A Sale and Pelletier

Olympic co--gold medalists Jamie, 25, and David, 28, are
traveling the U.S. as part of the Smuckers Stars on Ice Tour

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SI: Can you assure our readers that the Stars on Ice Tour isn't

Sale: You know what? It is fixed. And people will love it.

Pelletier: Yes, everything is planned on this tour.

SI: Your fellow gold medalists, Elena Berezhnaya and Anton
Sikharulidze, are also part of the Stars on Ice Tour. Have you
guys ever switched partners during a show?

Pelletier: Hey, we're not swingers!

SI: Do you talk with them much?

Pelletier: I talk hockey a lot with Anton. He's friends with a
few of the Russian players. But the gold in Olympic hockey [which
Canada won] is one thing we don't talk about.

SI: Any plans on buying [disgraced French judge] Marie-Reine Le
Gougne's new book?

Sale: She wrote a book?

Pelletier: Who wants to read that?

Sale: I think I would put it in the fire.

Pelletier: I wonder how many chapters there are, because she
seems to change her mind every week.

SI: Why not skate at the 2006 Games and go for the bronze? That
way you can own all three medals.

Sale: We might. Just in another event.

Pelletier: Yeah, maybe curling. Or maybe I'll just be a figure
skating judge.

SI: You've been dating for three years. Do you ever get turned on
while you're performing on the ice together?

Sale: No, and it's not an insult. The simple reason is you're
working. Obviously I look at him in his outfits and I think he
looks awesome, but when we're out there skating I don't think of
anything romantic or sexy.

Pelletier: You know what I'm thinking about? I'm thinking about
staying vertical, and I'm not talking about the little guy.

SI: On a six-point scale, rate how romantic your partner is.

Sale: I give him a 5.0.

SI: That's pretty low.

Sale: O.K., a 5.8.

Pelletier: She must be French [laughs]. But she's a 5.8 too.


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