The 35-year-old Diamondbacks outfielder, who just signed a
three-year, $30 million contract extension, had the winning hit
in Game 7 of the 2001 World Series.

SI: You're known as one of the nicest guys in the game. Why
haven't you become an overpaid jerk?

Gonzalez: Because my mom always taught me to treat people the way
I want to be treated.

SI: You have 4 1/2-year-old triplets--Alyssa, Jacob and Megan.
Compare their maturity to the average ballplayer's.

Gonzalez: Their maturity or immaturity?

SI: Have you ever swum in Bank One Ballpark's pool?

Gonzalez: Yes, early one afternoon before everybody got there. It
was very refreshing, actually.

SI: When you dreamed of winning the Series as a kid, did your
fantasies include hitting a blooper over the infield such as the
one that beat the Yankees in 2001?

Gonzalez: In my dreams it was a home run, but I'll take the

SI: Do you still have the bat or ball from that hit?

Gonzalez: The ball I gave to our owner Jerry Colangelo. The bat I
sent to Cooperstown.

SI: Who is more deserving of the Gonzo tag: You or Hunter S.

Gonzalez: I'd say Gonzo the Muppet.

SI: You're of Cuban descent, and you shift smoothly from English
to Spanish while giving interviews. Do you prefer a home run call
in Spanish or English?

Gonzalez: Spanish. They get more excited.

SI: In 1999 you had a 30-game hitting streak. Do you think Joe
DiMaggio's streak will be broken?

Gonzalez: No, because you face two or three pitchers in a given
night, and there are a lot more scouting reports on players'
weaknesses and strengths.

SI: You own full-size arcade games and love playing Xbox. What
video game would Babe Ruth play?

Gonzalez: He'd be playing my bass-fishing game with a cold beer
and a cigar.

SI: How much talk of the war is there in your clubhouse?

Gonzalez: Every day. We have it constantly on TV.

SI: You've been known to leave $100 tips for clubhouse attendants
who pick up your dry cleaning. What kind of tip can I expect if I
make you look good in this Q&A?

Gonzalez: You'd probably get a nice dinner out of it.

--Richard Deitsch

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