In The Crease

April 21, 2003
April 21, 2003

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April 21, 2003

Sports Illustrated Bonus Section

In The Crease

After referees Kevin Pollock and Brad Watson did an excellent job
officiating the Mighty Ducks' 2-1 triple-overtime win against the
Red Wings in Detroit last Thursday, they worked the Devils-Bruins
match the next night in New Jersey. In that game (one of three
that evening), there were several questionable calls, and it's
likely Pollock and Watson were fatigued. The NHL put those refs
in a bad spot, and the league needs to rethink its officials'
schedule in the postseason.... Is it any coincidence that less
than 24 hours after Anaheim goalie J.S. Giguere made 63 saves in
that victory over the Red Wings, Flames general manager Craig
Button was fired? One of Button's worst moves during his
three-year tenure was dealing Giguere to the Ducks in June 2000
for a second-round draft pick.... At least five general managers
want to change the rules that prohibit the size of curves on the
stick blade. Those G.M.'s feel that allowing players to use a
blade with a larger curve could punch up offense around the
league.... With seven of eight higher seeds dropping their first
game at home last week, don't be surprised if many teams follow
the Devils' lead by forcing their players to stay at hotels
during the postseason. New Jersey, which won its first two home
games against the Bruins last week, thinks the hotel stays help
players remain focused.

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