The Will Ferrell running the Boston Marathon on Monday was a lot
different from the Ferrell who millions of moviegoers saw running
through town in the recent blockbuster Old School. For one thing
he was 35 pounds lighter. For another he was running alongside
1968 Boston marathon winner Amby Burfoot. And, finally
(thankfully), he was neither drunk nor naked. Ferrell and his
wife, Viveca, have been working with running coach Gary Kobat,
who also tutors Jim Carrey, for more than a year. "They love
being treated like world-class athletes," says Kobat, who
recently shuttled between Vancouver, where Ferrell was shooting
Elf, and New York City, where Carrey was filming Bruce Almighty.
Kobat told his friend Burfoot, now the editor of Runner's World,
that Ferrell, who had run two marathons, was going to try to do
Boston in 3:59. Burfoot invited Kobat and the Ferrells to join
him. Will finished in 3:56:12. "Fans went nuts for him, more so
than I've ever seen," says Burfoot, "and I ran with Oprah in

After announcing their separation, in mid-February, SI's 2002
Sportsman of the Year, Lance Armstrong, and his wife, Kristin,
have apparently decided to reconcile. In an interview for the
June issue of Outside magazine, Kristin said she spent several
days with Lance in Nice last month and that the family--the
couple has three young children--will soon join him in Spain,
where he's preparing for his run at a fifth straight Tour de
France title. Then they plan to spend August together. "We're
going to take the month and play, spend some time alone," Kristin
said. "I think it's going to be O.K."

Kenny Anderson has been hit with a $2 million lawsuit by an
ex-girlfriend who says the Hornets' guard broke financial
promises and abused her "physically and emotionally." Jeanette
DiLone, 32, a New York City fashion stylist, said the affair
lasted from 1997, when Anderson was married to former Real World
cast member Tami Akbar, until 2000. (Anderson and Akbar divored
in 1998.) In the lawsuit DiLone accuses Anderson of, among other
things, demanding that she dye her hair blonde to satisfy a
sexual fantasy. DiLone also says Anderson offered her a million
dollars to quit her job so that she would be available to him.
Anderson has denied the allegations. "I never promised her
anything," he said. "Aren't people allowed to break up with their

Dick Vitale is joining the horsey set. He and Louisville
basketball coach Rick Pitino, whose AP Valentine finished second
in the Preakness and Belmont in 2001, are part owners of a
2-year-old. The colt's name? Awesome Baby.... Islanders arena
hostess Jill Nicolini, who recently left Kevin Gallaher at the
altar in the finale of Married by America, was booed in her first
game back at Nassau Coliseum last Wednesday.... Paramount has
indefinitely delayed the release of Against the Ropes, a drama
loosely based on the life of female boxing manager Jackie Kallen.
The movie, which stars Meg Ryan and Omar Epps, was scheduled to
open this Friday. The studio said it was worried that the flick's
"message would be lost amidst the current war coverage." Another
possible reason for the delay? It's the Peter McNeeley of fight
films. Advance buzz has not been good. Barbra Streisand, with
1979's The Main Event, is still the undisputed champ at playing a
female boxing manager.

COLOR PHOTO: BILL FRAKES (RUGBY) PICTURE THIS This is no dress rehearsal but a real rough-and-tumble rugby match between the women's teams from the universities of Florida and South Florida. They got together last Friday night for some elegant rucking and mauling--wearing their prom gowns, so everyone would know it was a formal affair--to raise money for a cancer support group. Looks like it was scrum enchanted evening. COLOR PHOTO: STUART RAMSON/AP (ARMSTRONGS) Armstrongs' comeback COLOR PHOTO: DAVID ZALUBOWSKI /AP (TOMKO)


Residents of Milan, Ind., the town on which Hoosiers was based,
are planning to turn their downtown into a theme park.


Cardinals pitcher, on whether his first-inning problems (12 runs
in three starts) were mental or physical: "It's apples and
oranges. And probably some watermelons."