Go Figure

July 28, 2003
July 28, 2003

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July 28, 2003

Sports Illustrated Bonus Section: Golf Plus
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Go Figure

$4 million Estimated annual amount the Trail Blazers expect to
save after eliminating 90 staff jobs, such as community relations
ambassador and team broadcasting associate, on July 8.

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$12 million Annual salary of Blazers reserve guard Damon
Stoudamire, who on July 4 was arrested on a marijuana-related
charge for the third time in 16 months.

1,269 World ranking, at the start of 2003, of golfer Ben Curtis
who after winning the British Open is now ranked Number 35.

7-41-3 Record of 34-year-old heavyweight boxer Brad Rone, who
died of "suspected cardiac arrest" in a Cedar City, Utah, boxing
ring last Friday while fighting to raise money for his mother's

4 Goals by Landon Donovan last Saturday in a 5-0 win over Cuba,
making him the fourth U.S. men's national team player to score
that many goals in a game.

8 Pitchers who have 100 saves and 100 wins, after the Braves'
John Smoltz saved his 100th game last Saturday.

$6,000 Amount paid by the Lakers' new power forward, Karl
Malone, for full-page ads in two Utah newspapers thanking fans
for their support during his 18 seasons with the Jazz.