Passing yards, an NCAA Division II record, by University of
Indianapolis quarterback Matt Kohn, in a 59-52 victory over
Michigan Tech.

Players in major league history who have had at least 200 hits
in each of their first three seasons now that Mariners outfielder
Ichiro Suzuki has joined Lloyd Waner and Johnny Pesky.

Years since the Bengals, who have had sellouts against the
Broncos and Steelers, last sold out their first two home games.

Times the Tigers have been swept in a series this year.

Packers-Bears games attended by Green Bay p.r. director Lee
Remmel, 79, who will attend his 115th on Monday.

Degrees at kickoff of the Packers-Cardinals game in Tempe,
the hottest temperature the Packers have played in.

Consecutive home games in which the Rockies scored, a major
league record that was snapped last Thursday when three Astros
pitchers teamed up for a three-hit shutout.

Times, including this season, that the Seahawks have started
3-0; they didn't make the playoffs in the other years (1986 and