APOLOGIZED For baring his buttocks to a crowd that included the
royal family of Monaco, German pole vaulter Tim Lobinger. After
Lobinger's winning 19'4" vault in the World Athletics Final, he
dropped his shorts to celebrate and jogged around the final turn
on the track--which, fittingly, is known as "the bottom bend."
Said Lobinger, "It's not something you plan. It just happens. I
knew I had underwear on." Alas, it was a G-string, and the IAAF
is threatening a fine; testing positive for crack, so to speak,
could cost Lobinger $5,000.

DIED Of liver cancer, former NFL defensive lineman Don Reese, 52,
whose revelations in SI that cocaine use was rampant in the
league first pushed the topic of drug use in sports into the
national spotlight. In the story I'm Not Worth a Damn (SI, June
14, 1982), Reese told of getting high with teammates during games
and on team flights, of drug dealers holding loaded guns to his
head and of wrestling with suicidal thoughts. Reese, who had
served a year in prison after his 1977 arrest for trying to sell
cocaine to undercover police officers, also named
names--including former Saints teammate Chuck Muncie, who denied
the story, then checked into rehab a month later. The story
turned into a p.r. fiasco for the NFL, which had to acknowledge
its problem; the collective bargaining agreement signed in
December '82 included the league's first drug testing policy.
Reese's admissions of his own drug use in the story, however,
were deemed a violation of his probation, and he was sentenced to
six months in prison. Reese, the Dolphins' top pick in '74, made
a brief return in '85 with the USFL's Birmingham Stallions, then
retired and soon settled in Alabama, where he worked in his
family's funeral home before opening one of his own. He is
survived by five children and his wife of 29 years, Paulette.

DIED Of an apparent suicide, Kent Poole, 39, who played guard
Merle Webb in Hoosiers, the 1986 movie based on tiny Milan High's
run to the Indiana title. Police say Poole hanged himself from a
tree near his Crawfordsville, Ind., home. Poole was himself a
schoolboy hero who helped Western Boone (Ind.) High to the '82
state semifinal. In Hoosiers, he exhorts his team to "win this
one for all the small schools that never had a chance." Poole
played Molly Ringwald's boyfriend in Fresh Horses (1988) before
returning to his family's 2,500 acre Indiana farm. A father of
three who was going through a divorce, Poole had struggled with
depression. "Kent had a real purity and sincerity on camera,"
said Hoosiers' writer Angelo Pizzo, who spoke to Poole a week
before his death. "He was a rock and as close to a true Hoosier
as anyone I've ever met."