Beckham's World We're Just Living In It

Sept. 29, 2003
Sept. 29, 2003

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Sept. 29, 2003

Beckham's World We're Just Living In It

In Iran--where he's the first Westerner in ads since the 1979
Islamic revolution--Becks has gone undercover. Billboards of him
hawking Castrol oil were draped in black cloth last week by
religious leaders upset by the influence of Western culture; TV
ads have also been reedited to cover Beckham's bare legs.
Meantime, a family from Truro, England, is going a long way to
see the gams that have launched a thousand kicks. Phil and Derry
Hodges are selling their house and moving, next week, with their
three children to Spain expressly to follow Beckham's career
with Real Madrid. They're packing six giant boxes of Beckham
memorabilia. Says daughter Jenna, 14, their oldest: "I love destiny is to marry [his son] Brooklyn and sing with
[his wife] Posh."

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