The four-time heavyweight champ fights James Toney at the
Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas on Oct. 4, 15 days before
turning 41.

SI: James Toney says this will be your last fight, that he's
planning to retire you. Your response?

Holyfield: That ain't the first time that's ever been said.
Probably ain't going to be the last.

SI: If Toney stands in front of you, as he says he will, what's
going to happen?

Holyfield: He'll get bounced around the ring.

SI: Your former trainer Tommy Brooks said you have enough money
to air-condition hell. Why keep fighting?

Holyfield: I'm looking to be the undisputed heavyweight champion
of the world again.

SI: Where do you rank yourself among boxing's greats?

Holyfield: I'm Number 1. If you base it on records, if you look
at paydays, attendance, the quality of opponents, there's no
reason I shouldn't be Number 1.

SI: There's talk about a Mike Tyson reality show. Is that
something you would watch?

Holyfield: No, I don't think I need to watch that.

SI: What boxers would you pay to watch fight?

Holyfield: Oscar De La Hoya, Floyd Mayweather and Ricardo

SI: You have bowling alleys at your estate in Georgia. Ever
settle a score with a fighter on the lanes?

Holyfield: No, I don't think I have any boxing friends that can
even touch me in bowling.

SI: Should Lennox Lewis retire?

Holyfield: If he's not going to fight, he should. He needs to
stop playing with people.

SI: You probably have the most famous ear after Vincent van
Gogh's. How often do people ask to see the ear Tyson took a bite
out of?

Holyfield: A lot. Even people who are not boxing fans, the first
thing they do is look for the ear. It shows that people relate to
what happened. If you were a person who got bit in the face, the
first thing people would say, "Oh, yeah, he's the guy that has
that bite mark on his face." It don't bother me.

SI: So would you pay $44.95 to watch you fight?

Holyfield: Of course I would. That's a definite bargain.

--Richard Deitsch

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