Index of the 10-Year-Old

Oct. 06, 2003
Oct. 06, 2003

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Oct. 6, 2003


Index of the 10-Year-Old

Number of 10-year-olds in the U.S.: 4.2 million

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Favorite sports to play (in order): basketball, football, soccer

League whose games they most like to attend in person: major
league baseball

Percentage who rate their athletic ability as expert: 40.2

Percentage who believe having a boyfriend or girlfriend is the
biggest problem facing them: 39.2

Percentage who own a Nintendo 64, Sony PlayStation, Nintendo
Gameboy: 59.1, 58.0, 53.8

Percentage who own in-line skates, skateboard, snowboard: 58.8,
42.2, 22.4

Percentage who have stopped playing a sport because of a lack of
time: 29.1

Favorite candy (in order): Butterfinger, Skittles, Starburst

Pieces of gum chewed per week: three to four

Percentage who believe that being physically fit is extremely
important: 57.4

Percentage who are afraid of being fat: 81.0

Favorite TV shows (in order): SpongeBob SquarePants, The
Simpsons, Lizzie McGuire

Percentage who own or plan to get a cellphone in the next six
months: 16.9

What they rank as the biggest problem facing the U.S.: terrorism

Percentage who think that Pete Rose should be allowed in the Hall
of Fame: 44.6

Sources: SI FOR KIDS survey, 2003 Roper Youth Report, U.S. Census
Bureau, Eating Disorders Awareness and Prevention