METS PITCHER Al Leiter has had some pressure-packed moments at
Shea Stadium, but the Jersey boy (he's from Toms River) was never
as nervous as when he got on stage with Bruce Springsteen to
shake a tambourine at a Oct. 3 show at Shea. "It was
frightening," says Leiter, who guest-tamboed on Rosalita. "I had
to down a couple of beers before I went out." Leiter has known
Springsteen since 1988, when he and Yankees teammate Don
Mattingly met him during his Tunnel of Love tour. Since then
Leiter's been backstage at more than a dozen shows. After Leiter
lost Game 5 of the World Series to the Yankees in a gutty
140-pitch outing at Shea in 2000, Springsteen called to praise
his performance. "I played that message over and over," says
Leiter. "I was like a teenager." The Rosalita cameo came at
Springsteen's request--despite Leiter's rather uncertain musical
ability. "I've never played an instrument," says Leiter. "I
started shaking the tambourine, and Stevie [Van Zandt,
Springsteen's guitarist] kept smiling at me and rolling his eyes
because I was doing it wrong. I didn't care. For 10 minutes I was
a rock star."

--When German tennis star Tommy Haas needs pumping up, he calls on
Mr. Pumping Iron himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger. The newly
elected governor of California and Haas's father, Peter, have
been friends since they attended grade school together in Graz,
Austria. Tommy Haas, 25, says Schwarzenegger often calls him
before matches and is a regular when Haas plays at the
Mercedes-Benz Cup in L.A. After Haas's parents were seriously
injured last June in a motorcycle accident in Sarasota, Fla.
(they are nearly fully recovered), Schwarzenegger gave Haas the
use of his private plane to visit them and to fly in medical
specialists. "He's been a great friend, very supportive," Haas
says. "I'm so excited about his winning, I may even buy a home in
his state."

--Mixed doubles, anyone? Tennis champs Andre Agassi and Steffi
Graf had their second child on Oct. 3 at Valley Hospital in Las
Vegas. Graf gave birth to a girl, Jaz Elle Agassi, who joins
brother Jaden Gil, born in October 2001. Agassi, who was at the
birth, celebrated the next day at a dinner for the Andre Agassi
Foundation, which aids underprivileged children. The event hauled
in $12.6 million--the most lucrative nonpolitical fund-raiser
ever in Vegas--and made the Emmys look like a ninth-grade talent
show. The night included a concert with Sheryl Crow, Billy Joel
and Sir Elton John. Comics Dennis Miller and Robin Williams
performed, and an auction offered the chance to ride around
Austin with Lance Armstrong and Williams (two winning bids of
$120,000), a sleepover for 12 kids at the FAO Schwartz in L.A.
with a visit by Shaquille O'Neal ($70,000), and a round of golf
with Agassi and Bill Clinton ($65,000).

--Yacht see! Fox sideline reporter Tony Siragusa is selling his
80-foot Feretti, which includes five bedrooms, five baths and a
plasma TV. (The price is reportedly in the $2 million to $3
million range.) The former defensive tackle bought the boat in
2001 from former NFL quarterback Craig Erickson, a boat broker in
Florida.... Raptors guard Vince Carter now has a built-in cure
for back problems. He got engaged to Ellen Rucker, a chiropractor
he's known since their days at North Carolina. The two were
college sweethearts and reunited in July after five years apart.
Rucker's sister is married to Mavericks forward Antawn Jamison.

COLOR PHOTO: MARC LEVINE (LEITER) Al on E Street COLOR PHOTO: JASON COHN/ICON SMI (LEMIEUX) COLOR PHOTO: H. RUMPH JR./AP (IVERSON) PICTURE THIS It's not that NBA stars don't play defense, it's just that they do it in highly creative ways that look to us as if they're shopping for team jerseys. Still, Sixers guard Allen Iverson couldn't change the fabric of the game, so to speak, or stop the Spurs' Anthony Carter from leading San Antonio to a 100-98 preseason victory. Iverson finished with 13 points and a handful of memories.


In an effort to exorcise the Curse of the Bambino, a 39-year-old
Red Sox fan carried a 1918 photograph of Babe Ruth to the top of
Mount Everest.


The Penguins' 38-year-old center, speaking to reporters about
rookie goalie Marc-Andre Fleury, 18, who moved into Lemieux's
home: "He can take care of the kids when my wife, Nathalie, and I
go out."