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Oct. 20, 2003
Oct. 20, 2003

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Oct. 20, 2003


King's Corner


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In eight years as a head coach the Colts' Tony Dungy has 69
victories--yet with a win over the Jets on Nov. 16 he would
become the first coach to beat all 32 current NFL teams. The
Cowboys' Bill Parcells, in his 16th season as a head coach, has
beaten every team except the Texans, but Dallas and Houston don't
meet again until 2006. The longest-tenured coach in the league,
Dan Reeves of the Falcons, who's in his 23rd season and has 188
wins, has beaten 29 of the 32 clubs.

Ravens rookie pass-rushing linebacker Terrell Suggs

After turning in slow times in the 40 at predraft workouts, the
highly touted Suggs, out of Arizona State, slipped to the Ravens
at the 10th pick. Who's complaining about his speed now? Rushing
the passer on nickel downs, Suggs had four sacks and an
interception in his first four NFL games.


1. Why opposing defenses continue to hug the line of scrimmage
and respect the Titans' running game is beyond me. Veteran back
Eddie George (304 rushing yards in six games) looks tentative and
has slowed significantly. What's more, Tennessee's pass-to-run
yardage ratio is 3.6 to 1, compared with 2 to 1 for most teams in
the league.

2. Until their defense shows it can stop someone, the Packers can
forget about making the playoffs. In its two home losses Green
Bay gave up 30 and 40 points to the Vikings and the Chiefs,
respectively. --P.K.

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