Go Figure

Oct. 27, 2003
Oct. 27, 2003

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Oct. 27, 2003

NBA Preview 2003-04
NBA Preview 2003-04: Scouting Reports

Go Figure

16,354 Crowd for the Oct. 13 Cavaliers-Bucks exhibition game, in
which LeBron James made his Gund Arena professional debut.

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7,472 Crowd for the last Cavaliers-Bucks regular-season game at
Gund Arena, on Jan. 6.

22 Hours after scoring a hole in one that Paul Hughes, 74, a
retired plumber from Waunakee, Wis., bowled a perfect game.

825 Combined wins for the six Yankees (including Roger Clemens,
310; Mike Mussina, 199; and David Wells, 200) who pitched in Game
7 against the Red Sox.

0 Goals in last Friday's Rangers-Thrashers game, the first
scoreless tie in Atlanta's five-year history.

4 Wins, in six games, by Ole Miss over Alabama with Archie or Eli
Manning as the Rebels' starting quarterback.

5 Wins, in 45 games, by Ole Miss over Alabama with a non-Manning
as the starting quarterback.