Curses, Jinxed Again!

After what transpired in Games 6 and 7 of the NLCS and Game 7 of
the ALCS, I still believe that the talk of curses befalling the
Red Sox and Cubs is nonsense. It's obvious that both teams were
doomed by the SI cover jinx (Oct. 13). You guys couldn't be
satisfied with one cover; you had to have two covers to ensure
that both Boston and Chicago were jinxed. I can only hope that
next year you find it in your hearts to put the Yankees on the
cover as much as possible.
Justin Z. Schroeder, Hoagland, Ind.

Pedro Martinez and Kerry Wood appear on the covers. Then each
pitcher starts Game 7 and his team loses, just as baseball
nirvana seemed around the corner.
Rocco DiRico Medford, Mass.

Pardon me for not feeling the same warm fuzzies a majority of
baseball fans appear to have felt about the prospect of a Cubs
versus Red Sox World Series. Both of these large-market teams
have payrolls in the top half of the league--the Red Sox in the
top five. In this year's World Series I will be pulling for the
true underdog (read: the lowest payroll). Go, Fish!
R.C. Courtright, West Fargo, N.Dak.

Face Time

Wow! Who would have thought that the greatest sports story in the
Oct. 13 issue would be in FACES IN THE CROWD. Magen Loew, by
stopping to help a competitor who was having an asthma attack,
has set an example for athletes everywhere. I can only imagine
how proud her parents must be.
Brian Grumieaux, Vincennes, Ind.

Rush to Judgment

The one pro-Rush Limbaugh comment you included in your
collection of quotes (SCORECARD, Oct. 13) was made by John
Rocker. Basically, you have portrayed the many people who do not
feel the comments were racist and offensive as idiots in the
same category as Rocker. Limbaugh challenged the highly
defensive sports media and this, more than the comments
themselves, led to outrage. We know Donovan McNabb did not get
the credit he has gotten by being black; he got it by winning.
We should be able to talk openly about matters of controversy
instead of lashing out and calling for censorship.
Bill Reynders, Madison, Wis.

Should Joe Go?

Apparently Joe Paterno (SCORECARD, Oct. 13) does not remember
that two of his predecessors at Penn State--Bob Higgins and Rip
Engle--retired at the heights of their careers, with the latter
making way for assistant coach Joe Paterno. There is a time for
every coach to end his career; Paterno has placed his own
interests above those of Penn State and its football players. His
delayed exit diminishes his career.
Nelson Marans, Silver Spring, Md.

Net Gain

If I were going to compare the past and present size and shape of
goalie pads (Size Matters, Oct. 13), I would use goalies who are
the same size. Roberto Luongo is 6'3", 205 pounds, and Ed Mio
played at 5'10", 180 pounds. I would also mention the changes in
the size, weight and torque of players' sticks. Does anyone want
to think about how fast Bobby Hull's shot would have been with
his son Brett's stick?
Ben Miller, Battle Creek, Mich.

I think you made a mistake in your Oct. 13 issue. You
accidentally included some NHL coverage. Please do it more often.
Joel Freudman, Toronto

Little Big Schools

Thanks for acknowledging the Northern Illinois Huskies (Unknown,
Undefeated, Oct. 13). As an NIU alumnus and employee I'm
continually frustrated by the lack of coverage by the Chicagoland
media of this once-unbeaten team. Saturday-evening sports
broadcasts begin with coverage of the mediocre area Big Ten
teams, and the Huskies are often just a footnote.
Donna Smith, Ashton, Ill.

Mean Thoughts

Not surprisingly, Virginia's residents make it 13 straight who
think their state's enthusiasm for sports ranks above that of
more than 50% of the other states (Sports in America, Oct. 13).
My guess is that when all 50 states are in, the number that rank
themselves below 50% will still be zero. It's like Lake
Wobegon--everyone is above average.
Richard Abt Meadowbrook, Pa.

Fan Rites

I want to thank Steve Rushin for proving to my family, friends
and coworkers that I'm not the only superstitious sports fan out
there (AIR AND SPACE, Oct. 13). While I know that my game-day
routine led to Ohio State's national championship last year, my
most notable victory was the Browns' 1989 win in Houston. I
locked my future wife in the bathroom for the entire fourth
quarter. Why? That's where she was when the Browns had scored two
quick TDs to take the lead. At least I slipped some magazines
under the door for her.
Jim Abbott, University Heights, Ohio


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