The latest Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel, which was to air on
HBO on Tuesday night (it re-airs Oct. 30 and five times in
November) includes a charming profile of 66-year-old Ed Agre, the
sole anchor, newscaster, sports reporter and weatherman at
KXGN-TV in Glendive, Mont. Of the 210 Nielsen markets in the
U.S., KXGN is 210th, but Agre treats his job as if it's
SportsCenter, traveling with a beat-up, handheld video camera to
cover local football, basketball and volleyball games. Another
segment of Real Sports, on deep divers Pipin Ferreras and his
late wife, Audrey Mestre (SI, June 16), includes eerie footage of
Mestre on her fatal dive.