Scout's Take

Nov. 03, 2003
Nov. 03, 2003

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Nov. 3, 2003

Scout's Take

An opposing team's scout on the Lakers' Kobe Bryant:

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"He's been more outgoing and jovial than ever, in part because
he's been reacting to the crowds, which have been cheering for
him and chanting his name. He's also a lot leaner because his
rape case and shoulder and knee injuries prevented him from
working out as much as he has in the past. I don't think his
thinner body will prevent him from driving to the basket, just as
I doubt he'll go out of his way to alter his shot selection to
adapt to Karl Malone, Shaquille O'Neal and Gary Payton. Kobe's
attitude has always been that he's going to do his thing. He's
the best at what he does and has won three championships doing it
his way. So he'll let everyone else adapt to him."