As papers across the U.K. and the Continent were pleased to
report, Becks got the bill for the first 80 days of his stay at
the five-star Santo Mauro hotel in Madrid, where he, Posh and
their two kids are living in a suite until they find a house. The
damage: $732,000, including $92,000 for food and $125,000 for
valet parking for his five cars. Meanwhile Turkish star Alpay
remains jobless for the crime of dissing Beckham. Aston Villa,
Alpay's English team, released him after he taunted Becks for
missing a penalty kick in last month's England-Turkey
game--leading outraged Aston fans to hang an effigy of Alpay.
Club chairman Doug Ellis said life in England, "would have been
... increasingly difficult for [Alpay] and his family."