The forthcoming autobiography from Boris (Boom Boom) Becker has
been serialized in the German newspaper Bild and is shining a
revealing light on that country's troubled tennis demigod. The
book, whose title roughly translates as Wait a Second, Stay a
While, due out in Europe this week, details lurid indiscretions,
including the then married Becker's fling with a Russian model in
a restaurant linen closet (the dalliance led to the birth of a
daughter), as well as extensive use of sleeping pills during the
three-time Wimbledon champ's career. Becker, 35, also recounts a
panic attack while stuck in an elevator with Luciano Pavarotti,
Placido Domingo and Jose Carreras. The Three Tenors broke into
Ave Maria, nearly moving Becker to tears. "I didn't join in," he
writes. "I said nothing but just worried about my own small life.
I didn't want to break down completely."

--Serena Williams skipped last week's season-ending WTA event in
Santa Monica (she's rehabbing her left knee), but she was healthy
enough to choreograph a pretournament fashion show at the
Fairmont Miramar Hotel--and also to flash her gams along the
catwalk. Serena and sister Venus modeled their own designs,
including a line from Serena's label, Aneres (Serena backward).
"There's plenty of time after my tennis to definitely go
full-time fashion, when I have arthritis and all that fun stuff,"
Venus said. Other models included Jennifer Capriati, who was
cheered on by Matthew Perry.

--Kings swingman Doug Christie and his wife, Jackie, are the
NBA's most lovey-dovey couple. They use an elaborate set of
signals to communicate during games, and last year Jackie nearly
swung her handbag at Rick Fox when Doug was in a brawl with the
Lakers. Now the two are designing purses together. "I have a
large collection of [hand]bags--but something was missing," says
Jackie. "I wanted something different, romantic and fun. I want
every woman carrying our handbags or wearing our clothes to feel
beautiful and special, to feel like a princess in her own
modern-day fairy tale." Says Doug: "I have some designs I've
drawn and she has designs and asks my opinion. We just try to be
creative and artistic."

--U.S. Open champ Andy Roddick is getting some serious crossover
exposure. He hosted Saturday Night Live last week; he and
pop-singing girlfriend Mandy Moore are in "Got Milk?" ads; and
now he's shopping a reality show called The Tour, which will
follow him around the world as he plays tennis. Moore, alas,
wants no part of it. "My personal life is behind closed doors,"
she said. "I like watching other people, though." ... Last
Thursday, Deion Sanders told Carson Daly that ESPN's seamy
Playmakers "is good. It's good. I'm telling you, I've been inside
the locker rooms for 12 years--baseball, football--and it's the
closest thing out there." Two days earlier, Gatorade, which
spends a reported $20 million a year in NFL sponsorship, had
begun pulling its ads from the show, saying "We grew increasingly
uncomfortable with [Playmakers'] content. We felt the show was in
conflict with what we stand for as a brand." ... Something All
Our Own, an exhibit of more than 45 pieces of African-American
art from the collection of Magic forward Grant Hill, opened Nov.
2 at the Orlando Museum of Art. The exhibit, which includes
paintings by Romare Bearden and sculpture by Elizabeth Catlett,
travels to seven cities over the next two years.

COLOR PHOTO: MARK SULLIVAN/WIREIMAGE.COM (SERENA) Stylin' Serena COLOR PHOTO: DARON DEAN/THE GAINESVILLE SUN (TERRIERS) PICTURE THIS Who let the dogs out? The organizers of the Sunshine State Jack Russell Terrier Club's Russell Mania, that's who. Some 300 Jack Russell terriers converged at the event, in Williston, Fla., where they were timed on a straight track and also endured a Go to Ground competition in which they had to navigate a maze and bark to sound an alert. Jacks be nimble, Jacks be quick! COLOR PHOTO: SAM FORENCICH/GETTY IMAGES (WELLS)


Ravens receiver Travis Taylor and his wife, Rashidah, attended
the team's Halloween party dressed as Kobe Bryant and the woman
accusing him of sexual assault.


Trail Blazers guard, on flipping off a fan during a game despite
a pledge to behave more maturely: "I was probably wrong. But I
don't remember doing nothing like that. I black out sometimes."

Eagle (-2)
Birdie (-1)
Bogey (+1)
Double Bogey (+2)