College Try

Nov. 17, 2003
Nov. 17, 2003

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Nov. 17, 2003

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College Try

By Julia Morrill Edited by Kostya Kennedy and Mark Bechtel

College Sports Television (CSTV), which debuted in April and has
about 15 million cable and satellite subscribers, is counting on
devotees of minor sports to increase its audience. CSTV has paid
CBS Sports an undisclosed amount for the rights to nine NCAA
championships--Division I women's lacrosse, ice hockey and field
hockey; Division II and III men's and women's lacrosse and
Division I men's and women's water polo. "There's a huge level of
interest in these sports," says Brian Bedol, CSTV's president.
"It's a community of athletes, alumni and family that's amazingly
connected." The deal also helps CBS, which in 1999 got the rights
to 67 of the 88 NCAA championships (ESPN has the other 21) to
help secure the Division I men's hoops tournament. In the deal
CBS promised to try to give lesser-known sports championships
"additional exposure"; most are now crammed into highlight shows
but will be aired live and in their entirety on CSTV. "We're
looking to expand coverage, and CSTV is a great platform," said
Mike Aresco, CBS Sports' senior vice president of programming.
Aresco and Bedol seem open to developing more projects. "Our
network is the perfect outlet not just for these nine sports,"
says Bedol, "but for others not seen." --J.M.

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