What It Takes For this skater boy, being king of the street means a chance to load up on sick bling

November 17, 2003

Flyin' Ryan Sheckler is throwing the skateboarding world for a
loop. At 13 he is the youngest to win a pro contest and the most
dominant athlete in street skating. The skate rat from San
Clemente, Calif., who took the Vans Triple Crown, the Summer X
and Gravity Games, heads to this week's LG Action Sports
Championships in Pomona, Calif. Ryan gives the lowdown on his
favorite shizzle.

Apple iBook G4 ($1,099)
I edit all my skateboarding footage on iMovies. I also like to
watch skateboarding DVDs and movies on my G4. My favorite movie
right now is Fast Times at Ridgemont High. I can't wait to start
high school next year. If it's anything like the movie, it'll be
lots of fun. I also have 1,800 songs downloaded on my computer. I
use PodMaster to swap songs from my friends' iPods.

Cordell Miller ($400)
I picked up surfing this year. I love doing stuff that's hard,
plus surfing really helps my balance for skating. My best friend
and neighbor, Aaron, is a really good surfer. He teaches me how
to surf, and I teach him skating stuff. I had this five-foot,
six-inch Cordell board custom made.

Volcom Smuggler ($62)
I've got, like, 25 pairs of jeans, but these are the only ones I
like to skate in. I took them on a trip to Europe recently and
wore them for a week and a half straight. I had my size-25 jeans
custom fit so that they wouldn't be too baggy. I wear them so
much that my mom has to steal them when I'm sleeping so she can
wash them.

I wanted to celebrate my second-place finish at the Scandinavian
Open in Copenhagen in July, so I bought this belt at the Gucci
store. The buckle is gold with the letter G. It's sick! And it
fits perfectly on my favorite jeans. I've got other belts, but
they're all disgusting or uncomfortable. I wear my Gucci belt
when I skate or else I tie a shoelace around my waist.

Etnies Rap ($60)
O.K., I love these, for sure. I don't care about traction or
anything. I like shoes that make me feel like I'm not actually
wearing any. I like to bend my toes when I ride my skateboard.
That's what it's all about. These are my all-purpose shoes. They
look good on the streets, so I wear them out of the skate park,

BMW 750IL ($85,000)
My mom has to drive me everywhere. My dad installed two massive
subwoofers in the trunk so we can really rock out. When we go to
skate events, I play Linkin Park or 50 Cent really loud. You can
really hear the bass come through. It's super rad, and it gets me
pumped before I skate.

Cytosport Muscle Milk ($42)
I'm super hyper, so I take protein supplements to get the energy
to last the whole day. I drink this with bananas, ice and
chocolate milk. My mom says I need to drink it because I eat too
much junk food. (I love microwave popcorn with movie theater
butter. I have two or three bags a day.)

Honda XR 50 ($1,099)
I got this last Christmas. It's my stress release from skating. I
like the feeling of going fast. You can get a lot more hurt than
you can in skateboarding, which is a thrill. I've saved up $8,000
from winning competitions, and it all goes into my 50. I've got a
new 110cc engine that my dad helped me install.

Almost Ryan Sheckler Pro Model Sheckler Shark ($45)
This is my first pro model series. I love the graphics. When I do
flip tricks, I can see my name on the other side. It's so cool,
for sure. My custom model is set up with Tensor mids trecks,
Darkstar wheels and NiNja ABEC 7 bearings, which give me my

Bucky Utopia($30)
I hate having to support my head with my arms on the plane. My
neck and shoulders start aching. This is super comfortable. It's
made of buckwheat and has got this bean bag material in it. I
throw it around my neck, and I can fall asleep instantly. It's
also great because if I sleep, then I can avoid doing my homework
on the plane. I like traveling to Australia and Germany, but I
don't like to travel and do homework.